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Zurich: Is there a train cargo service from Zurich to Rome

Hello All
We are arriving Zurich and travelling around Switzerland and Italy for a week and taking off from Rome to Dubai but don't want log suitcases from station to station for a week that is not needed in Europe. Has anyone used a cargo or luggage services in train to ship it from Zurich to Rome? I got a quote from Swiss airline, their air cargo service for 23kg suitcase is estimated to be CHF 365.00 (Airfreight charges 80.00, Handling fee 140.00, Fuel Surcharge 33.80, Security Surcharge 20.00 Export customs fee 12.00, Land side security fee 14.00, Security check 70.00). I couldn't justify to myself to use air cargo for CHF 365. Is rail cargo available for this service or any other mode of transport or suggestions to receive a suitcase from Zurich to Rome in 6 days?


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Swiss Rail doesn't provide that service to Italy. Only Germany, France, Austria, and some place called Luxembourg.

The best you can do is have your luggage forwarded at the Zurich Airport train station to your final destination in Switzerland (before you depart for Rome) and lug it with you on the train to Rome and store it in your hotel there until you head to Dubai.
More details here:

Yet another option is the "Fly Rail Baggage" service. You purchase special luggage tags from Rail Europe, place then on your bags. When the bags reach Zurich airport they will be intercepted by airport personnel, handed over to Swiss Rail and then sent/stored at you final destination in Switzerland: