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Zurich airport train station

My wife and I expect to arrive Zurich airport from USA on Swiss air at approx. 10:55 AM on Sun 05/19/2019. We have a Euro Global Pass and would like to board a train to Venice Italy that departs approx. 1:10 PM. My wife does not walk well. Is there enough time between when we retrieve our luggage and get to the railroad station to embark on the train to Venice?
We are willing to pay for handicap help if that is available. Do you recommend booking a later train departure?
Thanks for your help Bob Schwab

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That is enough time as long as the plane arrives on time.

I would arrange through my airline for ground assistance to meet you on the jet bridge in Zurich.

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The train at 1:10 leaves from Zurich Hbf, not the airport station, so you will have to get a train from the airport station to Zurich Hbf where you get the EC train to Milano Centrale where you change to the Freccia train to Venice. You will have to get a train by 12:46 at the latest from Zurich airport to make that train. You will need a seat reservation for the train from Zurich Hbf, as it crosses into Italy, as well as the Italian Freccia train.

My experience at Zurich airport is that if your plane lands on time, you will have no problem making that 12:46 train. That one arrives at the Zurich Hbf underground platforms, as do most of the trains from the airport, so you will have to take an elevator or escalator up to the street level platforms. Trains from the airport go about every 5 minutes, but there are gaps as long as 13 minutes between trains. It only takes 9 to 13 minutes to get to Hbf.

If you arrive earlier at the airport train station, look at getting the 12:15 or 12:38 trains that arrive at the street level platforms. You can ride any train in Switzerland on the day of the ticket.

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If you are using a rail pass you will need a reservation at extra cost for the train as soon as it enters Italy. The fee on an IC or EC train used to be €3 pp per leg but I haven't checked recently on the passholder reservation fee. If you are changing in Milan to a different train, probably a high speed Freccia that will be another fee - high speed trains used to cost €10 pp per leg.

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Yes to what Sam says. There are NO direct trains from Zürich airport to Venice. You will need to change at both Zürich HB AND Milan

The station at Zürich airport is called Zürich Flughafen.
The main station in the centre of Zürich is called Zurich HB.
Too many travellers just say "Zürich" and do not distinguish between the two.

From where you retrieve your luggage (and then go through customs) to Zürich Flughafen station is only a 5-10 minute walk.
The longer walk is from the aircraft, waiting at immigration, and to the luggage reclaim.

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I've just looked at the 13:10 train.

I am right, it is a Eurocity train to Milan. EC19. It will attract those mandatory reservation fees.

You will change in Milano Centrale. The faster train (FR9747) leaves Milan at 17:15 (5:15 pm) after 40 minutes but it doesn't go all the way to Venice island, it is for Trieste, and you have to get off at Venezia Mestre and make a 10 minute connection on a Regionale train. While the connection is not difficult for able bodied, and because the last train is a Regionale (R2733) you wouldn't need a third reservation fee, a 10 minute connection at Mestre is not for the disabled. There are no lifts (elevators) or escalators to the platform change tunnel - it is only narrow stairs down and then up.

There is a second train from Milano Centrale and I hope that it is the one you are looking at. That's FR9749, which leaves Milano Centrale at 17:45 (5:45 pm) and arrives without any further changes into Venezia Santa Lucia at 20:10 (8:10 pm).

There are no porters for trains in Switzerland or Italy. You are responsible for getting on and off by yourself and carry, lift, and pull all your own luggage.

You can book disabled assistance in Switzerland but you need to book it ahead. There is no charge.

In Venice Santa Lucia you don't have to go down the stairs to the Grand Canal where the Vaporettos and water taxis are - there is a zig-zag ramp which starts at the right hand side of the steps. You do however have to get up and down from the train, as does your luggage.

In Europe we don't use the term handicap. In English the word that will be recognised is disabled. In German the word is behinderte. I don't know the Italian for that.

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Since this is your first use of the Eurail Pass, you may need to allow time to have it activated at a train station ticket window. Most passes are not sold pre-validated, although now offers that as an option during the purchase process.