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Zurich Airport Connection

Hello All - looking to book a flight from Denver to Geneva, with a 65 minute connection in Zurich. Travel will be at the beginning of August, arriving Zurich around noon. This is all on one ticket though Eidelweiss/Swiss. We are continuing onto Chamonix immediately upon arrival in Geneva, so the train from Zurich is not a realistic option. A few questions for the group:

  1. Is this a realistic amount of time to make our connection?
  2. I assume we will need to clear both passport control and customs since our connection is within Switzerland. Will we need to re-check our checked luggage?
  3. Any idea which terminals our flight from DEN and flight to GVA would be in?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Only if the first flight is on time; and the airline would not be able to sell you this ticket if it was unrealistic.
  2. All on one ticket your bag will be tagged all the way to GVA airport. You will just go through passport control.
  3. Your reservation will have this information.
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Thank you.

RE: #3 - flight isn’t booked yet, so no reservation to refer to.

Appreciate hearing anyone’s personal experiences.

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In 2023, I had a group of 53 with a 75 minute connection at ZRH on Swiss to Geneva, and we made it, although they did have to hold the bus for about 5 minutes for one laggard. When I say bus, we did not board at a jetway, but at a bus gate where we had to ride a bus out to the plane which was at a remote holding area at the airport. So they loaded the bus about 30 minutes before departure to haul us out to the plane.

Just looking at a random date in early August, it shows a 70 minute connection time DEN>ZRH>GVA. Yes, it is makeable. Any reason you must be at GVA by 1:55 pm? Stuff does happen.

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You can check your proposed flight's dependability on Flight Aware.
Good luck!

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Jus know that regardless of what you read on Flight Aware, your plane could be on time, late or even cancelled. The only thing it might tell you if it has a propensity to be late.

Denver to Zurich to Geneva to Chamonix is a lot. How are you getting from Geneva to Chamonix?

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Thank you Sam and Frank, your replies prompted a lot of introspection on my part.

After taking this all into consideration, we decided to go with another airline/layover on our way to Geneva/Chamomix. The appeal of the flight from DEN-ZRH-GVA was the red eye allowed for one fewer PTO day. However, the risk involved clearly doesn’t outweigh the day saved. We’re are instead going to take an earlier flight from DEN-JFK-GVA and then hire a private vehicle transfer from GVA to our hotel in Chamonix. Thanks again to everyone who replied.