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Zermatt to Interlaken

Hi all, I will be traveling from Zermatt to Interlaken at the end of June. Does anyone know how long this train ride should take and if it is covered by the Swiss Pass? I have looked at their intricate rail map and it shows dashed arrows on certain portions of the trip meaning that it is only 1/2 off (or perhaps it means that this is an underground tunnel?).

Also, I've read on trip advisor that there is possibly a more scenic route from Zermatt to Interlaken that takes a bit longer but provides a more beautiful ride? Is this possible and would I have to book in advance?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I think the dashed lines you see represent the Lotchberg Base Tunnel. Yes, it is covered by the Swiss Pass. It is a 2 hour 18 minute journey. You can opt to skip the Base tunnel and take the older, more scenic route that uses the old Lotchberg Tunnel higher up in the mountain. This adds about an hour to the journey time. A reservation is not necessary.

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That ride is fully covered by the Swiss Pass and the dashed routes on the Swiss map are tunnels (versus the small-dotted lines for discounts). The smaller line running parallel is also through a tunnel for the portion between Goppenstein and Kandersteg, a bit shorter than the main-line tunnel.

You can design any detour that you like for your route. When getting schedules from SBB or DB, enter one or two "via" midpoints to define the route, if you don't just want the fastest options. How to Look Up Train Schedules Online gives you the DB train schedule link and tips for using it.

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Thank you very much Sam and Laura.

Another question - would you guys suggest perhaps taking the train from Zermatt to Visp and then at Visp going to Montreux to catch the Golden Pass to Interlaken (which Rick says is one of the cool scenic rides in his book)? Perhaps that's a bit too tedious and needless traveling?

My trip itinerary as of now for 5 nights in Switzerland is:

1) Zermatt
2) Interlaken
3) Interlaken
4) Lucerne
5) Lucerne

I was thinking that maybe taking the Golden Pass as described above on day 2 would be a nice break.

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Hmm, not suggested, but its your holiday and you have a pass, so its up to you. It is going to make it an all day trip, but if it trips your trigger, go for it.

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Well I'm a train buff, so don't mind me...

But I would not miss the Golden Pass route, it really is fantastic. If you do go you can break your journey at Zweisimmen and have a meal at the Post Hotel across the road from the train station. I do the trip a few times a year and always stop there for a break....