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Zermatt / Stelli see / blauherd

So I got a few day's available to myself this week (week of Feb 26 - 2days) and I thought I'd head to Zermatt. I've never been and have been wanting to go since I arrived. I have a few questions that seem simple but I'm not getting clear answers with all my searches (my mom never raised a genius). If there is already a thread, please direct me - I haven't found it yet.

* I'm traveling from Zurich
* I would like to use the train from Zurich to Zermatt and back
* I want to see Stelli Lake
* I may spend the night, if I can find really cheap accommodations

* The train from Zurich to Zermatt is about 60sf (with half fare) each way
-- Is there such a thing as a "day" train pass. If I left in the early morning and returned late in the night, is there a 1day train pass that I can buy?
Regardless if this is a "sane" idea, it may be financially better for me.

  • To go to Stelli see I understand I need to take a cable car from Zermatt to blauherd.
    -- Is this open right now (week of February 26)?
    -- I read that I also need to take a Funicular to get from Zermatt to the blauherd cable car -- is that right?
    -- Where can I find the price / schedule for the funicular and cable car
    ---- This is what I understand so far: To see Stelli see - I go from Zermatt, funicular to Sunnegga, cable car to Blauherd, hike 20min
    ---- I thought I read (during my research) the price is about 40sf

  • Weather
    -- Is there a webcam I can check to see what Zermatt / stelli see looks like

I'm sure this information is out there in the "Interwebs" but for some reason I'm not confident in what I'm reading.

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Yes, there is a 1 day travel pass if you have a Half Fare card. It's 75 CFH.
"Cheap room". It's the height of ski season.
Stelli See will be frozen.
Lift schedule is continuous. It's ski season.

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Sam, Thank you for the help.

Now that you mention it - OF COURSE the lake will be frozen .... I've looked at sooo many photo's of the location that I didn't even think it would be frozen.

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Thanks everyone for your help. I just returned from my Day trip to Zermatt. I used all suggestions. Sadly I wasn't able to get to all the places I'd hoped - They close down the "lifts" if the temp drops below a certain number -- it was apparently -30c on the top of the mnt -- Who would have thought it would be cold in winter on top of a mnt. Apparently I didn't think about those things...

Again - thank you all, It was a great, however short, trip.

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Wow. 3 times in Zermatt in January and never saw anything close to -30 c. It's a different winter this year.