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Zermatt or Wengen or Grindelwald

I want to stay couple days in a alpine village.

I've 2 options:
(1) Thun to Lautterbrunn + Wengen + Grindelwald and returno to Thun.
and later go to Zermatt and stay there for 2 days.
(2) Just stay in Wengen (or Grindelwald) and visit Lauterbrunnen, Thun, Wengen, Murren, Grindelwald slowly

I went in Zermatt 2 years ago and loved it, so, know I've doubt if I must come back there or just stay in Interlaken region.

If your help says that I must stay in Jungfrau Region... Do I must stay in Wengen or Grindelwald?


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The region is named the Berner Oberland. We spent a week on Grindelwald and would return there. Excellent train service. Spectacular views of mts, Mt Eiger, that feel like you reach out and touch them. Good dining and hotel choices. Can drive there too.
We visited Aengen and Murren, liked them, but preferred Grindelwald as a base. Did not like being down at the bottom in the valley in Lauterbrunnen.

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When are you going? How are you traveling? Grindelwald is very popular (though I am not saying it's better or worse than Wengen) during summer seasons and public holidays. I would book your stay and car rental now if you are planning to visit in JUly or August. Book a parking spot too if you are driving. Mind you, I heard from a local friend that traffic inside town is super busy.

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I'm going in 12 days, between March, 25 and April, 5.

My trip will be (option 1)

1 - Amsterdam
2 - Amsterdam
3 - Amsterdam
4 - Luzern
5 - Luzern - visit Bern
6 - Luzern - visit Gruyeres
7 - Wengen (or Grindelwald) - visit Thun + Interlaken
8 - Wengen (or Grindelwald) - visit Lauterbrunnen + Murren + Schilthorn
9 - Wengen (or Grindelwald) - visit Grindelwald + First + Wengen
10 - Zurich
11 - Zurich

My trip will be (option 2)

1 - Amsterdam
2 - Amsterdam
3 - Amsterdam
4 - Luzern
5 - Luzern - visit Bern
6 - Thun - visit Gruyeres
7 - Thun
8 - Thun - visit Lauterbrunnen + Wengen + Grindelwald + First
9 - Zermatt
10 - Zermatt
11 - Zurich

My doubt is about going to Zermatt or not.

I will be with my mother (65y) and daughter (1y6m), we are traveling with SwissPass.

I'll appreciate your comments about my doubts ;-)

Tks a lot!

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If you've already been to Zermatt then most definitely you should explore the Berner Oberland area and stay in one of the alpine villages of Murren or Wengen...both of these are car-free villages (no vehicles) and the ONLY way to get there is gondola and train. Grindelwald is nice, but it is a much larger tourist town with tour buses of people and large hotels. Murren and Wengen are both much smaller but still have plenty to offer in hotels, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, etc. Lauterbrunnen is also a nice village that sits in the valley floor separating the two alpine villages Murren and Wengen.

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I am planning to do this similar trip next march 28-april 4 with my parents in mid 70's.where did you end up staying? Wengen or Grindelwald? How was weather there? Was it all snow or were you able to enjoy some green scenery?
Thank you!