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Yet another Swiss Transfer vs half fare card

Trying to plan two trips at the same time - giving me so much stress!

First trip - Switzerland in March. going with Son and his family. We're staying in Wengen for five nights. They're skiing, we're going for the fun of being with them. They all will have lift tickets, which covers some of their "transportation" costs.

They have purchased the Transfer Pass - we will be taking the train roundtrip from Zurich to Wengen. That pass ends up saving about $20 per person, but hey, it'll buy a glass of wine.

Our problem is what to buy [for non-skiers]. I've done all the math, but not knowing exactly where we will be taking the train once we get to Wengen it makes it a bit difficult to compute. Our train rides from Wengen will probably be mostly short, fairly inexpensive ones. We would like to go up to the Jungfrau, but realize it depends on the weather. If we take that trip the half-fare card would make sense. But if we buy the half-fare card and the weather isn't clear, then we've wasted our money. What to do? What to do?

Maybe we should just get the transfer pass and call it a day??


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This is a conundrum. My only thought is this: You're traveling in March. What if the weather is grim? Will you be inclined to head for a city so you can enjoy a museum, indoors? That would mean two train rides, albeit not the super-expensive high-mountain transportation needed for the Jungfraujoch.