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Worth going to Appenzell if its rainy?

Hi everyone,

This time next week I will be in Switerland and next Friday and Saturday we planned on being in Ebenalp/Appenzell region to hike around. While ive been told that weather forecasts can change quickly for Switzerland - is it worth going with 95 and 100% chance of rain predicted?

Thinking Lugano could be a different option if rain dampens the mood.

Let me know anyones thoughts/experience with this!


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Can’t help with Appenzell as I have never been. But I don’t believe that forecast means rain all day. I can say that in the Berner Oberland days can start off nice and thunderstorms may move in later in the afternoon or evening. That’s why I always suggest getting an early start on the day if the weather looks good. I hope you get great weather and have a fun trip!

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Next week is too far out to make decisions based on weather forecast. I went to Ebenalp July 21 it rained a little while I was sitting at the famous Aescher house. I was in the Berner Oberland after that for 4 days. It rained one day when there was 100% chance but intermittently enough to be able to do stuff. For example, I managed to fit in a cruise on Lake Brienz and take the Rothhornbahn all the way up. It rained off an on but not as bad as the forecast suggested. I hope you have a waterproof hoody like the Northface or Columbia etc to keep hands-free in case it rains. I can't see how Lugano would be a better choice on a rainy day so I would stick with Ebenalp area. The cows up there are up close friendly grazing next to the parasailors.

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I'd suggest not.
The hiking is fabulous but I'd be hard pressed to find much in the way of indoor entertainment in the Appenzell area.
A trip or two ago, we were washed out for one day in Lauterbrunnen but having a rental car we were able to drive to Thun and Spiez for a day of indoor castle hopping.
Safe travels.

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Also I was in the Dolomites today. I checked the forecast the night before it said 80% rain ; I packed the water proof and it never rained and never even looked like it was going to.

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I'd hike in the rain with good gear. You could stick to the lower elevation trails in the forest if the cloud cover is heavy.
We were rained out from the Lisengrat in July 2014 so we didn't go any higher than Meglisalp. We hiked down to Forelle and enjoyed a fantastic trout dinner as well as a lovely room. The trail we took down from Meglisalp was the one the cows use in the spring and fall. It is a relatively easy trail compared to others in the area.

It doesn't typically rain hard but it can spoil a hike if you don't have good gear, especially footwear.
The berghuttes all have drying rooms and house shoes you can use. Even in the rain the Appenzell area is beautiful.
You could just have a beer or two in at any of the huts and enjoy the calm atmosphere. Quollfrisch is my favorite beer when in the area.
Bring cash. Unless it has changed, most of the huts didn't take cards last time we were there.


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When I went to Switzerland in 2019 the prediction was for 100% chance of rain everyday . What we actually had was intermittent cloudy with showers in the evenings, except for one day, when it rained for about an hour. NO GUARANTEES, AND PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT AN INDICATION OF FUTURE PERFORMANCE, AS THEY SAY.... -oops, the caps :)

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Is the Ebernalp transport to near the cliffside restaurant, a short hike and worth it for photography? The photos that I saw were really nice. Also, can I see Appenzell in a couple of hours? I thought about spending 2 days in Rhein am Stein, Appenzell, & Ebernalp lift to see cliffside restaurant even though it is out of the way because I want to photograph the quaint buildings of Appenzell and Rhein am Stein. My other option would be to add Locarno in those 2 days instead. Any advice?

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IMO, Appenzell is worth a visit as it's a somewhat different part of the country with a unique culture. As far as hiking, if I were in the same situation I'd pack along some good rain gear and just dress according to the weather. When I was last there (during June a few years ago?) there was the possibility of snow at the higher elevations so I didn't bother going to Ebenalp. However that didn't matter as there was some kind of a local event taking place at the time, to commemorate the burning of the city 500 years ago, and there were people wandering about in suits of armour carrying Halbards, Swords and other gadgets. There were food stands setup, music, etc. and it was all quite entertaining. I also attended a local folk music concert one evening at City Hall - . You may find this interesting - .

I would recommend at least two nights in Appenzell (preferably three) as one night doesn't allow much time to look around.

Lugano is a somewhat different experience as it's a somewhat posh city right on a lake. While there you could visit the Casino, take the Funiculars to the top of local mountains or take a boat tour on the lake.

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just a quick word to help your German language understanding....

Several times you have referred to "Rhein am Stein". The correct name for the town is Stein am Rhein.

The article "am" means "on" or "on the". Stein is stone. Rhein is German for Rhine... so Rhein am Stein would mean the river Rhine on the town of Stein. The town is riverside, so the translation should be Stein on the Rhine - Stein am Rhein.

I hope that helps.