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Which Travel Pass to Take

I am planning to travel to Swiss in June and I am covering the following places
1. Staying in Wengen for 4 days and covering the Mannlichen, Grindelwald, grindelwald first, Lauterbrunnen, brienz, interlaken, Blausee etc
2. Then heading to Zermatt for 3 days and doing the Gornergrat and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise
3. Heading to Montreux for 3 days and doing Lavaux Vineyards, Glacier 3000, Gstaad and Annecy
4. Heading to Milan after
So it is a total of 10 days in Swiss
Please suggest a good travel pass (first class) because with my current calculations it is showing around CHF 723 (for the STP) and then extra 230 CHF for excursions (like 50% off on Zermatt peaks/Grindelwald First etc) = CHF 950 for 10 days per person. And we are like 5 adults which really makes it very expensive.
That seems like alot!
Please help!

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1st class is definitely overkill. Are you flying into Zurich? What are your precise dates? I ask because the rail line between western Switzerland and Milan will be interrupted beginning June 9. There will be replacement buses offered but they are not on the schedule yet.
My 1st reaction is to get a 4-day Berner Oberland Pass and a Half Fare Card. With the HFC, you get the same discount for Gornergrat etc as the STP. You can choose to buy 1st class on specific routes.

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So I am flying into Zurich around the 6th or 7th. Plan is to go to Milan around 16th from Montreux. Is that disrupted as well ? I had no idea about the disruption. What should i check to be updated on the same ?

So BO comes around CHF 336 and HFC is around CHF 120 plus all the excursions make it around CHF 620. Adding up all the main internal travel like Montreux to Milan, Zermatt to Montreux, etc is another CHF 270 making it CHF 900 approx. Pretty much the same and moreover HFC is a bigger hassle as I will have to keep purchasing the tickets as I travel and moreover not all trains are HFC right? The small ones atleast. I am actually very confused with the whole HFC so dont even want to get into that.

Is there absolutely no light at the end of this tunnel? lol

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I guess you are talking about the 1st class BO pass at 336 CHF, but you get a 100 CHF reduction with the Half Fare Card, so you pay 236 CHF. I have never noticed a 1st class section of any cable cars I have ridden.

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Here is information on the train disruption between Domodossola and Milan. It begins June 9.

The actual schedule for the replacement busses is not out yet.

One option for you would be to take the train from Montreux to Brig and then to Domodossola, changing there to the Centovalli Railway to Locarno. Then train from there to Milan. But there are other routes possible.

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Sorry—-my mind was elsewhere, and what I posted was wrong. I removed that.

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We are in Switzerland in late September and early October for nineteen days, visiting similar spots to you.

For us the STP was far, far more expensive than what we have decided on which is the half fare card, the Berner Oberland Pass for six days and three saver day passes for our longer journeys on the Glacier Express, Golden Pass Express to Montreux and from Zermatt to Wengen.

All of our passes will be first class, we just prefer that, even though there is no first class on cable cars, it is on the trains.

I think we are saving almost 500 CHF per person doing it this way, although of course is is slightly less convenient.

You really have to get a spreadsheet and literally put each trip cost in and compare. Time consuming but sort of fun too.

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Wow saving 500 CHF is insane!
Is it possible for you to share the spreadsheet?
I made mine but its still showing STP to be the winner because HFC has alot of hassle of booking for each travel. If the difference between them was massive - then i would even take this hassle!
i tried the BO + HFC Card but again the difference between them and the STP didnt come out much. Barely any 50 CHF.

The travel to Zermatt and in Zermatt (to Gornergrat and Matterhorn) and the travel from Zermatt to montreux (Also Glacier 3000) and then later Montreux to Milan is the only expensive thing if i go with BO + HFC. This totals upto CHF 350. That along with BO+HFC = CHF 356 and then travel to nearby places is around - CHF 150. Totals upto = CHF 850 - 900.

Howcome I am not saving anything!

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The missing element is the Saver Day Pass. Bought well in advance, they cost 52 CHF 2nd class without a Half Fare Card, or 88 CHF 1st class. With the Half Fare Card, they are 44 to 49 CHF 2nd class, or 66 to 74 1st class. These are typical prices now for mid June. Prices increase as you get closer to your travel date, so buying early saves money.

For instance, Wengen to Zermatt is 167.60 CH 1st class full fare, or 83.80 with the HFC. But if you get a Saver Day Sass with the HFC, it is 74 CHF.

Zermatt to Montreux is 130 CHF 1st class full fare, or 65 with the HFC.

I will also point out that your itinerary doubles back on itself, causing extra expense and travel time. If you go Wengen to Montreux, you can take the scenic Golden Pass Express from Interlaken Ost to Montreux. Then Montreux to Zermatt, then Zermatt to Milan. Again that route will entail a replacement bus between Stresa and Ancona, unless you take the previously mentioned detour.