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Which travel pass to buy ??

Day 1: Arrive at Geneva airport at 8 AM and travel to Lauterbrunnen.
Day 2: Visit Schilthorn via Murren.
Day 3: Visit Jungfraujoch
Day 4: Depart fm Lauterbrunnen for Geneva reaching at ~2PM and do siteseeing.
Day 5: Depart early morning from GVA

Which travel pass will you recommend for the above itin?

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You’ll need to do the math to find your precise answer. But if you dont want to bother with that then the Swiss Half Fare Card is a no brainer because the savings from the Jungfrau trip alone will practically pay for the cost of the HFC.

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I agree. Your best bet is the Half Fare Card.

Figure what the individual fares would be for your entire route. The Half Fare Card costs 120 CHF. If the savings are more than 120 CHF then the half fare card is a good idea. If not, try to get a saver ticket.

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I am in Switzerland right now. So thankful that we bought the Swiss Travel Pass. We are only half way through our time here and it has already paid for itself. Yesterday we paid half to go up to Matterhorn, and today we paid nothing for Jungfrau! We love being able to get on any train or bus and not have to keep track of anything or buy tickets. So easy.

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Wilma, which Swiss Pass do you have that fully covered the cost of a Jungfrau trip?

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I asked Wilma the same question on another thread where she posted she got a free ride to the Jungfraujoch. Still waiting, but as she is in Switzerland, unlikely to check back.

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for the benefit of others reading, Sam and I are curious about Wilma’s experience with a pass on the Jungfraujoch trip, as no pass we know of fully covers this whole trip. Even. Jungfrau Pass gives you a discount on the last part of the trip (above Klein’s Scheidegg), not a free ride.

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Don't expect a free ride to Jungfraujoch; it's expensive no matter how you pay for it. The Schilthorn, however, is fully covered by the Swiss Travel Pass this year. You also need not follow the same route to and from Geneva but could take the Golden pass route via Zweissimen and Montreux in one direction.

  • The STP for 4 consecutive days costs 270 CHF to buy there or currently $295 in the US and that's what I would select. It also covers museums around Lake Geneva.
  • Assuming good weather that allows you to visit the mountain tops, full-fare tickets would easily cost more than that.
  • With a one-month Half Fare Card plus separate tickets, you'd pay 240 CHF before you start saving money, which we all assume will happen. The pass doesn't cost much more than that but you pay up-front.
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If you are going to any museums in Geneva, the fact that the Swiss Travel Pass is likely to cover them tips the balance in its favor. Swiss museums are very expensive; don't forget to include this in your calculations. For me, this made the Swiss Travel Pass a much better deal than the Half Fare Card, which only works for transit. On the other hand, if you won't be going to museums, you won't see this benefit.

Here's the list of covered museums for the country; scroll down to "Genève":

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Harold, We actually have half a day in Geneva and our teens are not too keen on doing the Museums.
Can you suggest half a day activity while keeping teenagers in mind?
Also, do we buy the swiss half fare card instead of the swiss travel pass then?

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Sorry, I've never been to Geneva, so I can't help with spending time there.

As for whether to buy a Half Fare Card or a Swiss Travel Pass, you just have to do the math. Since you're not seeing museums, you "only" have to figure the transit costs - and I do realize it can be complicated. Many people speak of making spreadsheets - I just wrote a list of trips I was definitely taking and possibly taking. I looked up the costs on the Swiss Rail website (remembering that the initial price shown on that site will be the half-fare price), and compared the totals to the costs of the Swiss Travel Pass and Half Fare Card.