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Which swiss travel pass do I buy? Itenary suggestions

Arrival: June
Day 1: Arrive Zurich at night at Zurich HB, staying near Glattbrugg.

Day 2: Zurich to Zermatt, Gornergrat peak.
Day 3: Local Zurich, lake ride, Lindt Museum.
Day 4: Zurich to Gruyères Castle, cheese making.
Day 5: Zurich to Stein am Rhein, Grindelwald, or Lucerne.
Day 6: Zurich to Milan by train.
Day 7 : Milan to lake como
Pass Recommendation:
Considering our varied itinerary and transportation needs, which travel pass would offer convenience and savings for our group of 4 adults.

Also any valuable tips and insights.

Will SWISS PASS cover Zurich to Milan?

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What you actually need is a magic carpet...
Have you mapped those journeys on the SBB website?

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Are you staying with friends or an airbnb in Glattbrugg? It will take you 3 1/2 hours to get to Zermatt, and there will be no guarantee you will be able to see the Matterhorn on any given day.

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I just wanted to keep a single base because of excess of luggage and found decent airbnb there.

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It will take up huge amounts of time going back and forth from Zurich like that. The distances are deceiving on the map. Travel is slow because the mountains are in the way.

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If not zermatt what other thing can I do?

And I calculated map journey on SSB , if I don’t do zermatt, the pass is too expensive and doesn’t make sense, but how else can I keep travel easy and hassle free without needing to buy tickets for every leg?

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Do Lucerne instead of Zermatt. My Zermatt experience is similar to Rick's. You will be spending about eight hours riding trains to have a less than one in five chance of seeing the Matterhorn. I gambled and lost, Zermatt is a nice town fortunately we were driving and had a lot of flexibility in our travels. Doing a day trip out of Zurich when you will be spending most of the day riding the train really doesn't make any sense. There is plenty to do and see in Lucerne. Stein am Rhein has gotten rather touristy over the years but it still is a neat town.