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Where would you take an older teen? 😀

I have the good fortune of being able to spend some time with my son. I would like to something special for a belated grad experience. Any good ideas? This is pretty last minute. Much thanks for any suggestions.

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I asked my 15 year old where she wanted to go. She said Florence and Pompei, so that’s where we went. Great time with my daughter. I am sure you will cherish your time with him where ever you end up going. So ask him!

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I agree with asking him where he'd like to go. What a generous gift! :)

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You need to change your title from "Late" teen to "older teen." Late has more than one meaning........

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Thanks all! He never asks for anything. Would there be one mountain peak that has spectacular views (I know all the views are awesome) with a good restaurant? Part of me wants to treat him to paragliding- the other part…not so much.

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If you are "considering" paragliding, and a mountain peak with restaurant, then Murren is where you should be. Many paragliders (tandem) take off from above Murren (SW of the cable car station), and that same cable car goes up to the Schilthorn that has a nice revolving restaurant (where a James Bond movie was filmed).

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You posted your question under Switzerland, so I'm guessing you want answers in this country. My daughter was 17 the first time we went to Switzerland and we went skiing, but it was December. And you say "last minute" so I'm guessing you're looking at summer . . . here are some fun things to do around Luzern (google these in Google Images):

  1. Cabrio Stanserhorn (included in the Swiss Travel Pass) - a cable car where you can ride on the top of the car. A marvel of Swiss engineering. Views and hikes at the top.

  2. Stoos Funicular (also included in the Swiss Travel Pass) - really cool Swiss engineering that is unlike anything he's been on, I'm sure. Maximum incline is 110% and it's smooth and comfortable the whole way. At the top there are great hikes (or chair lifts to the very top). Walk along Fronalpstock (google image that one too):

  3. Mnt Pilatus -- there's a nice outdoor restaurant at the top with views of the high Alps. Also on the mountain has an adventure park -- dragon coaster, rope walk, toboggan run (not a snow thing), and so much more.

There are lots of things to do on Lake Luzern like paddleboarding and kayaking. If the weather is hot, I'm sure he'll enjoy some of the lake "beaches" where lots of young people hang out. Let me know if you need directions.

What is your son interested in? It's great if he's into academic subjects too -- music, physics, history, geography, geology, etc.

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My son and I have traveled all over Europe every summer since he was 11, but when he was 15 and again at 16, we went to the Berner Oberland and stayed in Murren. He loved it (and why we went again a year later), and so did I. There are no words to describe how incredible and fun it is. Murren is 5000’ up and surrounded by the Alps. The views are mind-blowing. Murren is by far our favorite town in the BO.

My son paraglided from Murren and LOVED it. Paragliding is actually very safe and your son would tandem fly with an experienced paraglider. My son came home, took lessons, became licensed and now paraglides often.

We also rented bikes in Murren for one of our days.

There are so many great places to go in Europe with your son (Paris is amazing) but you can’t go wrong with the BO and staying in Murren. Traveling together is a great bonding experience.