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Where can I find my customer number on my Swiss Travel Pass?

Hello, all.

I purchased a Swiss Travel Pass for my wife and me.
I am trying to link it to my SBB app for both of us
It asks for a customer number but the only numbers I see are the ticket number and confirmation on the STP.
When I click on the app for can’t find your customer number, it doesn’t help…
Can someone help me out?
I did print out our passes and took screen shots on my iPad and took pictures of that on my phone but wanted to have it all on the app as well.

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Brent, unless you purchased the Pass directly from SBB, there is no way to add it. And there is no need to add the Pass to the app.

When i ordered my Pass, not from SBB, i was sent an email. From that email i was able to clink on a link to add the Pass to the wallet on my iphone. I also printed out multiple copies of the Pass/QR code.

I found it easer to just show the train conductors the paper copy of the Pass and photo copy of my passport. That way, i could leave the papers on the table and did not have to worry about fiddling around with my phone when the conductors walked by.

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A screen shot of the STP works well, as you don't need to have your phone data turned on. Or- put it in your Apple wallet. I also like have a hard copy and an electronic copy, so no stressing about losing it. Have a great trip!

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Brent, i'm heading out for my own trip. just wanted to wish you well on yours. I hope you'll come back and tell us about it.

Say hi to switzerland for me. :)

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I feel like we are old friend. Thanks for all your help!
Have a blast!
I will share a report.

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Hi! I do not have a customer number for my Swiss Travel Pass either. How do you purchase the discounted tickets for trains and lifts that are only 50% covered, such as Gornergrat? Are you able to get the discount on the SBB app or you have to purchase the ticket at the counter? I am trying to purchase in advance and it only gives me the full price on the app. Can I make regular train reservations early or just hop on? We are a family of 5 and want to make sure there is space on certain trains the time of day we'd like to travel.

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You do not need any customer number to purchase discounted tickets. And with the Swiss Travel Pass you do not need tickets at all for most public transit.

It is on the train, when the tickets are checked that you will also be asked to show the Swiss travel Pass.

For mountain railways, cable cars etc... just show the pass at the ticket window when purchasing tickets.