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What to wear in Austria in August

Traveling to Austria in August & trying to figure out what to pack for evening for a woman. Are dresses with a sweater enough or are pants needed?

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That all depends on your life style/social-economic status. If you are use to wearing dresses when you travel you would most likely be more comfortable in one. My wife and I have gone to Europe every summer for 12 of the last 13 years and she has never taken a dress. Guess that speaks for our travel philosophy.

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Again, you might get more answers if you posted this on the Austria forum.

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It doesn't really matter that these questions are all mixed up by country, yet identical in all other ways.

The countries of Switzerland and Austria are both quite small, and have similar summer weather by and large. The answers for one are similar to the answers for each.

Lisa, are you going on a GAS tour? If so, the answers for light dresses or trousers are right on, and then for the trip up into the high Alps you will want to layer and it can be quite chilly at the summit so have a windbreaker. That will come in handy in the evenings too, as the sun goes down.

Always have some protection against rain - pack a small umbrella and / or a light poncho or emergency poncho.