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What's happening in Luzern and Lausanne in mid-September?

I am booking hotels for my September 2014 Switzerland trip. Looking at the hotel's own reservation websites as well as and, I found low availability and high prices for my dates. I then directly e-mailed the hotels I was interested in, and without exception, they had rooms available that weren't showing on the online reservation systems (even their own), and/or they offered me a better price (in one particularly dramatic case, the website only offered triples, while the direct offer was for the single I needed, at less than half the price!)

I'm reporting this so others can know that you should definitely inquire directly with any hotel you're interested in. But I'm curious - is something going on in Luzern from September 12 through 15, or in Lausanne from September 19 through 22, that would make rooms scarce and expensive? I once had trouble getting a room in Frankfurt, and found out that it was a meatpacker's convention - over 200,000 of them!

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I don't know for sure in this case, but September is a very heavy convention season. Rooms fill up and prices go sky high in a lot of cities.

Good tip to always double check directly with the hotel. You never know...

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Jer: thanks for that link. Yikes - I'll be in Lausanne just when Sunday and Monday are closing days (I leave very early Monday morning). I hadn't planned to go to Geneva, but if it's the only place open on Sunday, I might. I'll start investigating which sights are open in the region on that weekend.

Edit: I just found that the Art Brut Museum and the Chateau de Chillon are open on the holiday. These are two of my priorities, so at least I will have some options for Sunday.

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No worries--I ran into that too, but I'm arriving Monday the 22nd into Zurich so hopefully no snags. ;-)

Great news about the museum!