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Week in Switzerland for down time

We have two active tours booked in June and have a week between that we would like to spend in a small city or town in Switzerland for some relaxation. Would like to do some day trips, but more important to have some “down time”. We stayed in Zurich a few trips ago. Recommendations?

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Neuchâtel would seem like a good choice. Good train connections for day trips; ferries that can take you into the three lakes. I highly recommend both Murten and La Neuveville. Even the canals between the lakes are relaxing, with abundant birdlife. It is prime wine country, which we also consider core to "down time" 😛

The one downside of Neuchâtel is that it isn't quintessential Alps country. If you want to be more in the mountains, consider Chur. Again, a great rail hub for daytripping. Overall the city won't win any beauty contests, but Old Town is quite nice. And great mountains, chair lifts, and iconic rail lines abound in directions all around from Chur.

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Where are these active tours beginning and ending?

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We end and start in Munich. One of the three of us traveling has not been to Switzerland so we thought this would be a good opportunity.

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Train Direct from Munich to Zurich and then make a connection either to somewhere on Lake Luzern or something like Wengen or Murren in the Jungfrau Region. You can find some nice relaxing places on Lake Luzern away from the main tourist areas over on the Fluelen side. Or rent a chalet apartment in a car free village like Wengen or Murren for some peaceful r&r with views.

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We spent a week in Wengen last September and absolutely loved it! Gorgeous views, lots to do in the area, small town, car free, good restaurants, etc. We rented an apartment with a balcony looking over the valley and mountains. We would go back in a heart beat. Its a nice place to relax and just chill if you choose and soak in the views or if you want to do day trips you are easy reach all that the BO area has to offer. I think it is one of the most beautiful areas I have been to in europe.

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Would you prefer a mountain village, lake side town, or city for your “downtime”? It would be easier to make suggestions if we knew what you have in mind.