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Walking from St Moritz station to Lake of Staz (Lej da Staz)

Hi folks. We are staying to St Mortiz for 1 night stay mid Feb after the GEX train and then the next morning we planned to leave for another city until we saw this beautiful lake in Lake of Staz and we were planning to walk as we may have time to do so but the latest we need to catch the train in St Mortiz is 11:01am, so I want to ask for those who went to the Lej da Staz lake before, how long walk is from St Mortiz station to Lej da Staz and then return back to the station? 1 hour? 2 hours? And what is the recommended time to go given the timeframe? 8am? 9am? We would love to see the snow white lake as I think it must be beautiful!

If you do not know where the lake I am referring to, please see the beautiful photos below!

And also, because we are checking out, we are most likely to take the luggage with us, if so, is there baggage locker in St Moritz available? If so, how much is it based on per hour? We probably need it for like few hours to keep it there.

Thanks and your answer is appreciated

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