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visit Luzern or Bern?

We want to spend 1 day in a city environment inSwitzerland. We are spending 2 days in Murren. My daughter is going to Switzerland with her school and we are meeting her at the end of her trip and having a Once in a Lifetime Vacation in Europe. She is visiting Luzern and going on the Golden Round Trip to Mount Pilatus. This sound like what we would like to do, but I don't want her to repeat her experience. Suggestions?

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A couple of observations - -

If it is a Trip of a Lifetime, if there is something you really want to do - why don't you do it? Even if it means that your darling daughter has to do again something she probably liked the first time?

Bern has nice old fountains, but after you have seen a few the rest start to look the same a bit.

There is lots to do in and around Luzern.

You say you want to be in a city environment - Pilatus could never be considered a "city environment".

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I'd also suggest Lucerne. It's a beautiful city with lots to see an do. Have a look at the Switzerland guidebook for suggestions. Is there any possibility that you could add an extra day?

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I too had that dilemma last year and I selected Luzern. So glad I did as it is a beautiful town with a variety of interesting areas to explore around the lake. The old town area is very picturesque with the town's history painted on the walls of the buildings; walk along the city walls and explore the towers; take a boat ride around the lake are just a few very enjoyable experiences I enjoyed.

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Is there any chance of you timing your visit to Luzern before your meet your daughter, to reduce repetition, then you can compare stories?

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No, we're meeting in Italy then traveling to Switzerland together. I decided to take the river steamboat and tour the city since we are taking the cable cars up to Schilthron from Murren. Although not the same, it is a similar experience and we only have one day in Luzern so I'd rather spend it touring the city

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Here's a thought you could do a two-fer--it's only an hour and a half from Lauterbrünnen (closest train to Mürren) to Bern. Go in the morning, hop off have brunch & check it out for an hour--if you get tired of the fountains then hop back on the train to Luzern (which is only another hour). You'll still have a whole afternoon to explore Luzern.

Btw, if you do go to Bern first, take the train to Luzern through Entlebuch (you'll pass through the amazing UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere area).