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Vevey or Lausanne? Where should we stay?

I can't decide if we should stay in Lausanne or Vevey? We will have two nights and one full day before heading up to Basel to catch a Viking Cruise. We will be taking the Golden Pass train from the Berner Oberland area which will take most of the day getting us to our destination which may be in the late afternoon, the time which of course depends on the train schedule. If we decide to stay in Lausanne we can take the ferry back to see Chateau de Chilon and then the train up to Gruyeres which would be fun. If we stay in Vevey (not really mentioned in RS other than it's a pretty village) it's closer to both the Chateau and Gruyeres than Lausanne, however it will be a little longer train trip to get to Basel. Has anyone stayed in Vevey? Is the Olympic museum worth seeing in Lausanne? Is Gruyeres worth the time and effort to see?
Thanks for your help everyone.

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Both towns are equally beautiful but have very different personalities and features!
Lausanne is built uphill from the lake with beautiful winding streets, especially around the cathedral at the top of the town. The streets are quite steep so keep that in mind when deciding where you want to stay!
Vevey is mostly flat, built along the lake, and has wonderful character and charm. There is a very picturesque lakefront promenade with grand old hotels and a very interesting food museum - look for the big fork stuck in the lake in front of it!
My personal preference is Vevey.
You can easily take the train to Montreux to see the Chateau Chillon or you can ride the boat as well from Vevey-Marche. Either way gives beautiful views of the French Alps across the lake - my preference is the boat if the weather is good!
I haven't been to the Olympic museum but I have been to Gruyeres. The cheese museum is good for a quick 45 minute visit. The beautiful town of Gruyeres is very quaint but quite tourist oriented! Don't let that deter you though. There is a lot going on and the small chateau is worth seeing IMHO. The surrounding countryside is very pastoral and lovely with lots of cows and traditional farms.

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I enjoy Lausanne very much. The Olympic museum is very enjoyable also. The promenade along the lake a gd stroll. The upper part of Lausanne also is fun to walk. A special experience imo iis taking the historic paddle wheel ferry to chateau chrillion, visit then catching train to Gruyere. I have not stayed in vevey but passed by only. This summer I will be staying in Gruyere and surrounding villages.

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I love Lausanne because it feels like home to me but Charles and Oona Chaplin's preference was Vevey.
We found the Olympic Museum fascinating, especially with a 12 and a 14 year old.