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Vauseyon, Neuchatel

We are in the preliminary stages of planning a trip to Europe. We want to see some of Switzerland and Paris. But one reason for the trip is to see the place where some of our ancestors lived in Neuchatel.

So, I have some questions about that. There will be six of us. Can we rent a car big enough for six in that area? We will have teenagers with us who could care less about family history. What fun things are in the area? We are thinking of being there for one full day, plus part of two travel days on either side. Is this enough? Too much? Are there day trips from that location, in which case we could stay longer? Any days that we should stay away from, like where everything is closed?

We are looking at summer, probably in 2020 or 2021. We will have 14 to 18 days total.


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