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Two Days in Jungfrau Region

We are staying in Interlaken.

As of right now we are hang gliding.
We would like to spend some time atop the Jungfraujoch. Is it easiest to access from grindenwald or Lauterbrunnen?

Our second day is dependent on the above question.

We would like to do go to Lauterbrunnen and another town. We have Eurail passes so trains are not a problem. Also love walking.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how we can get the most out of our two days?

Thanks for your input.

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You love walking, want to paraglide, will travel to Jungfrau, want to see Lauterbrunnen - tell me again why you're staying in Interlaken??? Everything you mention will require you to travel through Lauterbrunnen. Why not just stay in Lauterbrunnen which is about 1000% nicer than Interlaken?

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"We have Eurail passes so trains are not a problem."

Everything past Interlaken Ost towards the Berner Oberland is only 25% off with the Eurail Pass, and you need to buy a ticket before you board the train. There is a big sign at Interlaken Ost reminding you of this when you go to the platform with the trains for Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen.

I agree with Tim - if at all possible, stay in Lauterbrunnen, not in Interlaken (which is near, not in, the Berner Oberland).

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I agree with the others. The sights that you want to see are in the Lauterbrunnen Valley and staying in Interlaken will add both time and cost to your sightseeing. As mentioned previously, your Eurail Pass will only be of limited use in this case.

Regarding your question on the Jungfraujoch, IMO it's easier to access via Lauterbrunnen. You'll first take the cog wheel train up the hill to Wengen and then Kleine Scheidegg, and then transfer to the Jungfraubahn (bright red, so easy to spot). One point to mention about visiting the Jungfraujoch is that it's a good idea to check the weather as it could be fogged over at the top so you won't see much (although you can still tour the Ice Palace and the indoor parts of the facility).

If you love walking, you'll have lots of choices. There are good hiking opportunities on both sides of the valley, and the area around Mürren has lots of trails. Is there any possibility you could add a day, as you'll really be pressed for time to fit everything in that you want to do.

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I understand Lauterbrunnen is a much better place to stay. I've stayed there before.

We're two broke college kids traveling on a strict budget and trying to get the most of our experience while still having enough money to get back the United States.

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I have to smile at this ReedHouston, you can't be too awfully broke if you're traveling around EUROPE with an overpriced EURAIL Pass and on top of it all you're going PARAGLIDING in super expensive SWITZERLAND ;-) You should forgo the overpriced Eurail Pass and opt for cheap point to point tickets first of all. Secondly, choose one of these very cheap places to stay:

Cheap places to stay Lauterbrunnen, Gimmelwald, Murren:

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Thanks for the clarification on your situation. A trip to the Jungfraujoch will not be the cheapest. The list price from Lauterbrunnen to the top is CHF 183.60, however having a Rail pass will provide a 25% discount.

Tim provided good suggestions for low cost accommodation in that area. My preference would be the Valley Hostel in Lauterbrunnen, due to transportation considerations. If you stay in either Gimmelwald or Mürren, there will be additional cost in both time and money to get to the Jungfraujoch. OTOH, if you're planning on doing a lot of hiking near Mürren as well as Paragliding from there or the Schilthorn, then staying in Mürren or Gimmelwald would make sense.

One other point to mention. You may enjoy talking to some of the Base Jumpers that frequent the valley. As I recall, they usually congregate in the Horner Pub in Lauterbrunnen. I vaguelly recall that sky diving from a helicopter was also offered in the valley, near Stechelberg.