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TVA tax in Switzerland.

I read that the TVA tax for goods in Switzerland is 7.7% and for food it’s 2.5%. We’re noticing some restaurants are charging the 7.7% on meals.
Is this a normal practice?

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Is this being added to your bill, or are you just scrutinizing the receipt that always shows how much of it was VAT?

For example, here in Wisconsin, there is no state sales tax on food purchased in a grocery store (except certain luxury items), but 5% state sales tax on food purchased at a restaurant, plus 0.5% local sales tax. These taxes are not shown on the menu, but added to the final bill. Then add a 20% tip on top of that.

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Is the TVA the same as the VAT -- Value Added Tax?

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Yes, 7.7 % VAT applies to restaurants. You only get the lower VAT when buying food at grocery stores or for takeaway.

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but other than on the bills for information it does not affect the price of anything. It is included in the price. The price you see is the price you pay. Same in France, Germany, England - all over Europe

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Thank you for the quick replies.
It was a curiosity, but nothing that affected our dinner choices.

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In Europe we have VAT = Value Added Tax, unlike a sales tax in the US it is applied to the value added at each stage in the process of manufacturing a good or providing a service. In the case of a restaurant, you are receiving food, the services of the chef for cooking it, the services of your server and so on. There it is not classified as food for tax purposes and so you get charged the standard rate instead.