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Tunnel Train in Switzerland

A few years ago a girlfriend and I read in a RS book
about a train in Switzerland where the train goes through
several tunnels and during the trip a church appears 3
times on different sides of the train. does anyone know
which train this is and from where to where it travels?

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Yes, the place you are thinking of is Wassen, on the "old" Gotthard route. Since last year there is a new longer Gotthard tunnel, much faster as it avoids all the steep hills and loopbacks, but less scenic. There is still a train service over the old route, serving local traffic and tourists.
There are other loop-back tunnels on the old Gotthard route, where the line does a 360° turn in a tunnel to gain (or loose) height, and crosses over itself.
Map of the old and new Gotthard route, showing Wassen:
Diagram of the rail line at Wassen:
Local Tourist office site with photos:,/wonderworld/train-experience/gotthard-train