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Trying decide between travel passes

In May we travel to Switzerland for three full days. This will just be part of our 2.5 week road trip.

We will be staying in Wilderswil near Interlaken. We would like to try and do First, Top of Europe, and the Schlithorn. While we will have a car. We will want to use some local transportation.

I am seeing that with the travel pass it no longer includes schlithorn. And the Top of Europe discount doesn't seem to be as big as it is with the Half Fare Pass. And unfortunately I can't seem to tack down prices for travel to those mountains so that I can compare.

If we buy tickets to those mountains, does that include getting into the mountain or just the travel to those points?

Just starting to get the day plan for our honeymoon. So all help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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My guess is that either the half-fare card or the regional Berner Oberland pass will be the best values. However, with only 3 full days it may be that the best deal is buying tickets as you go without a rail pass. If you do plan trips to the Schilthorn or Jungfraujoch, then a pass may make sense. Don't buy tickets to those excursions in advance because those trips won't be worth it if the weather is poor.

The official Swiss rail site is and should help you with the prices of the various trips. Note that the prices it reports assumes you have the half-fare card.

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Yes, you can just buy a ticket from Wilderswil to Schilthorn, or drive to Stechelberg (bottom of the cable car, end of the road) and buy a ticket from there.

As Eddie says, prices and times on the SBB website:
Wilderswil to Schilthorn, 2nd class, return: CHF 128.80
Stechelberg (Schilthornbahn) to Schilthorn, 2nd class, return: CHF 108

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Thank you for the replys. I assume when you say return that means round trip correct, not just one way? This is one thing I was trying to get clarification on. Thanks again.

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correct - return is an out trip and a back trip - out and back.

If you get a ticket to Jungfraujoch (what you call top of Europe) then the train takes you to the top station. Same with the cable car/gondola to Schilthorn.

Have you got the Rick Steves Switzerland book? It goes into quite a lot of detail, and detail about walking/hiking too.

Congratulations on the marriage.

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Yes, I do have his book. I was working on reading last night and trying to search on the computer. This forum is always so helpful.

Thank you about the marriage. Absolutely blessed. And we can’t wait to get to Germany/Switzerland.

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The terms are Single (A to B) or Return (A to B and back to A again) in English.
AFAIK, One way and Round trip in American
"Einfach" and "Hin-und-Züruck" in German
"Aller simple"and "Aller et retour" in French

If you look at the "English" version of websites from non-English countries, or ticket machines, you are liable to get either version of English, or a confusing mixture.
SBB is using "Single journey" and "Single and return journey".
And to select English you often have to select the UK flag, or "EN".

And congratulations.

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That is good to know. I am working on my German. Sehr gut, danke

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As you note above, the Half Fare Card gives the best discount on the Jungfraujoch trip. The savings on that trip along will almost pay for the Half Fare cards.

Round trip from Wilderswil to the top and back is 206 CHF full fare. The Half Fare Card costs 120 CHF, so almost covered by the 103 CHF savings on each ticket.

Note that the price is the same going via Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen. For a nice excursion, I suggest you go up one way and down the other. Your ticket will allow you so get off and spend time in Grindelwald or Wengen or both on the way. You might want seat reservations for the Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch portion if they will let you reserve just that. That train gets very crowded with tour groups.