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trip planning- Milan to Copenhagen

I am planning to take the train from Milan to Copenhagen with my husband and two children (twins, age 9). We are trying to get advice on where to stop in between- such a huge swath of Europe! We are most interested in seeing the natural sites- mountains + lakes, and have a day or two in major cities, although we are looking for advice on which cities would be best for kids.

Does anyone have a travel agent they recommend to help us with this?

Or do you have advice yourself?

Thank you!

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This is the first thing that came to mind:
Take the train to Switzerland, and spend a couple of days in the Swiss Alps (and get your dose of mountains and lakes). Then, take the night train to Hamburg, and spend a couple of days here. Finally, take the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen.

There are of course many possible variations.
You can take a night train from Milan to Austria, and another night train from Austria to Hamburg or Berlin, before heading to Copenhagen.
You could also visit Cologne (and travel on the train via Koblenz, for a scenic ride).

Your options are plentiful, and for me, it's hard to recommend one thing over another. But, I would gladly do all of the above.