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Trip Cancelled

Thank you all for your advice on Switzerland, regarding trains and activities. I should be in Muerren right now hiking away, but we had to cancel the entire Italy and Switzerland trip due to my husband having a bad injury on his finger. He was hospitalized 4 days and the Doctor at the ER said "you better start cancelling" on day one, when we were set to fly to Rome 2 days later. After all that planning, I had to spend just as much time gathering cancellations and policies for every move we made (or were supposed to make) on that trip for our Travel Insurance. I am going to try and schedule it again for April or just has to be on the should season.

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Unfortunate but having your husband's injury heal properly is far more important.

Switzerland isn't going anywhere.

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Well that stinks.. Hopefully you get there soon. I can report that, as of 2 weeks ago, Switzerland and Italy were still there and they are still spectacular. I assume it will be similar next year!!!! Best of luck!!!

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I hope your husband gets well soon!
Just one comment, there is very little hiking to be done in April as it's typically still snowy. May, preferably the latter half, is much better in that respect.