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Travelling to Switzerland from 16th April 2019 to 25th April 2019


I am hari here. I am travelling to Switzerland for a 9 days trip with my wife & 1 year old son on 16th April 2019 to 25th April 2019. For the first 3 nights i will be staying in Ernen, Chaserstatt (Chalet Heimwehblick) and for the remaining part of my trip i will be staying in Wilderswil (Hotel Jungfrau).

I have a few queries on which places to visit which is convenient to travel from the places stated above. I would love if someone can give any ideas on which places to visit around Switzerland.

Since this is my first travel to Switzerland i am actually not too sure on the top attractions and must see places.

Your help will be very much appreciated

Thank You

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Have you got one or more guidebooks to refer to? Which ones? The host of this website writes an excellent one.

After you have read them you will have many of your answers. We can say what we like, but a 600 page guidebook has much more information than we can ever write 2000 characters at a time - beside which it has already been written!!

Do you have specific questions about specific places?

Is Switzerland the only place you are going to, or is it part of a longer trip?

Which country are you travelling from? It may make a difference in what would appeal to you...