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Travelling to Grindelwald, need help on deciding what pass to buy or not.

We are spending 5 days in Grindelwald next month. We plan to do lots of hiking, riding gondolas etc. We do have a Eurail pass which gives us a 25% discount. The price of some of the gondolas are very expensive. Is it worthwhile to purchase a Swiss Half Fare Card, Jungfrau Travel Pass or another kind of pass? We do not plan on going to the "top of the world." Any input would be appreciated.

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You have to do the math. If you already have spent good money on a Eurail Pass, why spend more? I would think you would be taking a LOT of lift rides get an additional 25% discount which a Half Fare Card would get you. A regional pass? Again, your spending a lot for something you already have a 25% discount.
Of course, it also depends on what kind of Eurail Pass. Continuous, or limited number of days? If for a specific number of days, where else will you be using the pass?

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Our Eurail pass is for a limited number of days. We will be using it from the Dolomites to Grindelwald then Grindlewald to Paris then Provence. You are right I have to do the math. If the weather is rainy, our gondola travels will be more limited.

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Ann, a Eurail pass is not valid all the way to Grindelwald. It is only valid as far as Interlaken Ost (where you change trains and railway companies).
Look here:

"Swiss railway companies discounted" - under "Railway companies operating on Jungfrau mountain":
BOB Berner Oberland - Bahnen
Routes: Interlaken Ost – Wilderswil – Zweilütschinen – Lauterbrunnen Interlaken Ost – Wilderswil – Zweilütschinen – Lütschental – Burglauenen – Schwendi – Grindelwald
Discount: 25%

You only get a discount past Interlaken.

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In your shoes, I would get a Berner Oberland Regional Pass. It covers you from Interlaken and through our the area on all trains, buses, and lifts except for the last bit to the Schilthorn and Jungfraujoch. You can even go to Bern using it. Here is the map of coverage. We hike a lot when we visit the area and ride many lifts and trains. We always use more than 100% of the value of the pass. If it rains, you go somewhere else, if only to ride the train and see if you find better weather.

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The Eurail Pass does not require you to use one of your counted flexi-pass travel days in order to get the 25% train and lift discounts around the Berner Oberland (or anything else on the Discount list). They're available any time within the longer validity period of the pass. That's different from this year's (unusual) rules for a Swiss Travel Card Flexi.