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Travelling from Switzerland to Italy by rental car

We are travelling Switzerland to lake como by rental car . Is there anything we need to do regarding the boarders and also due to the present imagrint problem are there question at the boarder ?

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Lake Como is just over the hill from Lugano, Switzerland. You should have no issues going into Italy and this incredibly beautiful place.

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Well, you should first ask the rental agency if you are allowed to take the car into Italy. Swiss insurances often refuse to pay theft damages on Swiss high class cars brought to Italy. If you are allowed to take the car, there are no big problems. I crossed the border at Chiasso in June and there were not any immigrants in sight.

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Note that you'll require the compulsory International Driver's Permit for driving in Italy, which is used in conjunction with your home D.L. You'll also have to be vigilant to avoid the dreaded ZTL (limited traffic) areas which exist in many places in Italy (hefty fines!).

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You need to notify the rental company you will be taking the car outside Switzerland. I know many companies don't allow taking the car to Estern Europe, but I don't think they will make problems for Italy.

The borders are unguarded, or at least they were last year when I drove back and forth from Italy to Ticino, therefore no questions asked by anybody. It's like driving from New York to Connecticut.

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