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Traveling to Davos in June


I will be in Davos the week of June 18 for a meeting, and then plan to go to Grindelwald to hike. Any comments/suggestions about being in the Davos area will be appreciated. Will probably stay in an affordable AirBNB.

How far in advance should reservations be made in the Grindelwald area, especially for mountain hotels and travel huts? Any suggestions for not-to-miss sits, trails and hiking routes? The Mountain Spring Festival sounds like fun.

I've never been to Switzerland. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you!

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We skied in Klosters last year and were given a Davos-Klosters Inclusive Card that included free transportation including the train between Klosters and Davos along with free local bus travel:

We stayed at the Hotel Alpina Klosters and took the train to Davos. Others stayed at the Kessler's Kulm Hotel at Davos Wolfgang on the train line. They could ski down to Davos Platz and ride the train back to their hotel.

Our American friends said that the Kessler's Kulm staff was very friendly. We had taken the train to Davos Wolfgang from Klosters intending to ski near the hotel. I was so busy talking to others that I left my backpack on the train. Even though I was not a guest at Kessler's Kulm, the reception desk folks made calls to the train station in Davos and the found my backpack and held it for me at the train station. I would definitely consider Kessler's Kulm for a Davos stay.

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Well, you're not going to do any skiing in Davos in June just to avoid any misconceptions...

It's been a while since I've been in the area during summer but here are some possibilities:

  • Visit the Landwasser-Viaduct near Filisur. There is a hiking route that goes underneath it and as a child I found that very impressive.
  • Visit the Viamala gorge betwee Thusis and Zillis
  • Visit the chapel in Zillis with the famous ceiling paintings. It's not as impressive as the decorations in some larger churches but it is unique.
  • There are enough side valleys to hike in to easily fill a week
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With an affordable airBNB, you probably not get the free transport card that includes city buses and the trains between Klosters, Davos, and Filisur. There is plenty of good summer hiking in the mountains around Davos. I am guessing that your meeting will be at the Congress Center on the the main street in Davos.
You can take a look at things to do at the official website.

My experiences with European conventions/meetings is there will be plenty of scheduled off time extracurricular activities to keep you occupied.

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Thank you for the hiking advice and for the encouraging comment that the meeting will probably allow for extracurricular time to explore.