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Traveling in September ( 16th to 21st) looking to go up to a nice viewing point covered in snow

Hi everyone !,

Im planning to take my mother to Switzerland in September and I want to show her a nice viewing point but with snow ( she has never seen snow ) , she can't walk so much so it needs to be accessible.

Do you have any advice where we could go?

Thank you!

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How far can she actually walk? I am assuming 100-200 metres, enough to cross a large car park. She would need at least this mobility to navigate a station.
The answer also depends on which part of Switzerland you are going to. Large parts of the Alps are permanent snow cover, plus glaciers, which you can see from the towns and villages in the valleys. Here is my hit list:

1) Travel by the Bernina Route. runs from Chur in Western Switzerland to Tirano in Italy. Views of Glaciers. This is best if incorporated into a tour as your method of getting between Switzerland and Italy, not as an excursion as you would have to come back the same way.

2) If visiting the Jungfrau Area. Virtually anywhere has views of snow-topped mountains. See here:
You can get the expensive train up to Jungfrau summit, which overlooks Europe's largest glacier. See here:

3) My favourite Titlis. Day trip from Luzern. Series of cable cars to snow covered summit. You can walk on and inside a small galcier. Website:

4) Zermatt and Matterhorn.

Many, many more. I hope this is enough info.

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Does she just want to see snow, or does she want to actually stand on snow? There are lots of viewing points where you will see snow, but you have to go higher up to actually stand on and touch snow.

The problem is that at higher elevations, she will tire more easily. For me, I didn't have any problems at the top of the Schilthorn, but at the Jungfraujoch I had much lower stamina than normal and felt like I needed to move in slow motion. The trip up the Schilthorn is also cheaper and faster than the trip up the Jungfraujoch.

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Dear Chris and Harold,

Thank you very much for your answers, really appreciate them a lot !
My mom can walk maybe for half an hour, it would be great if she can actually stand on it and touch it :)
I will check the options above mentioned :)
and again thank you for your help !