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Traveling from Geneva to Murren - Help!

Question for the swiss alps experts out there!
We will be traveling from Geneva to Murren in mid-May, and while I think I've found out how to connect point A to point B, I am not sure this is the most efficient way?
From what I can tell, we would take a train from Geneva to Lauterbrunnen (which connects in Bern and Interlaken and lasts 3h 40 min), then take a cable car from Lauterbrunner to Grutschalp, and then another train/ funicular to Murren. Is this correct?
Any other route suggestions?

In addition, we will leave from Murren to Italy (still have to decide the Italian part). What is the best way to connect out of Murren and into Italy?



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Two alternates. If scenic (and long) mountain routes are in your wheelhouse, you can take the Golden Pass route from Montreux to Interlaken. That way takes an extra hour and 40 minutes. The second (minor) is to take the bus from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg and then the cable car from there to Muerren.
To Italy, just return to Interlaken, connect to Spiez, then connect to an EC train to Milan. From Milan, you can get to anywhere in Italy. Use for Swiss rail time tables, and for Italian train timetables.

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Thais, you have the. Route exactly correct. Longer more scenic routes are just waste because you're going to end up in the most beautiful spot in Switzerland. Have a great time!

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As the others have mentioned, the easiest route is the one you're planning to take. When you arrive at Interlaken Ost, you'll transfer to the smaller Berner Oberland train for the ~20 minute trip to Lauterbrunnen. Walk across the street to the cable car station, up the stairs and then board the lift. When you arrive at Grütschalp, the small mountain railway will be waiting. When you arrive in Mürren, you'll walk upstairs to reach street level. The station is located at one end of town, so you may have a short (but scenic) walk to your hotel. When you buy your ticket in Geneva, specify Mürren as your destination and the ticket will include all modes of transport.

Getting from Mürren to Italy is very easy. Retrace your steps to Interlaken Ost, and from there you'll be able to connect with trains to Italy. The "usual" first stop in Italy when travelling from Switzerland is Milano Centrale, but that could vary depending on where you're going.

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Thais, Muerren is a village that is at 5,300'. The only sensible ways to get there are from the Lauterbrunnen train station once you have arrived there via Bern, Spiez and Interlaken Ost. Either walk across the street from the station and take the gondola up to Grutshalp and then take the short cog train ride into Muerren. You can also walk if you are so inclined. The second method begins at the bus stop next to the gondola station across the street. You take the postal bus into Stechelberg and then take the gondola up to Gimmelwald. In the Gimmelwald gondola station, you walk over to the gondola that goes to Muerren. These are the only two ways to get up there. Both involve a gondola ride. No tourist cars permitted. You'll love every bit of it.

The only way to connect out of Muerren is to reverse how you got in. Expect 3-4 transportation changes (gondola, cog train, train and possibly a bus) to get just from Muerren to Interlaken Ost. Then, you change trains for the 20-minute train ride to Spiez where you will change trains to go to Milano-Centrale. On this last run, it could be direct or their could be further train changes at Brig or Domodossola, Italy. No matter where you are going in Italy - Venice, Florence or the CT, you will be changing trains in Milan.

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Thank you so much for the thorough explanations!