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Travel to Switzerland Sept 2021

Does anyone have a crystal ball? We would like to do a self guided 10 day tour entirely in SW in late September 2021. (Did one in 2017 using RS for our guide and was fabulous.) We have planned an itinerary and are pretty excited for the trip. That said, calmer heads must prevail here. We need to make the decision soon and purchase airfare, and start the arrangements of lodging, rail, etc. if we are going this year.

Just very nervous as we follow the Covid trends and restrictions here in the US and in Europe. We hate to outlay a lot of money and if the restrictions increase, be scrambling on refunds, etc. or forfeitures. I see that US State Dept, has SW on a "reconsider travel" status.

Thanks for any thoughts and opinions.

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Just review the last month's posts before yours under the Switzerland section of the Forum. There's lots of discussion!
Safe travels!

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As Pat mentioned, there’s a lot of good info. already posted under the Switzerland forum as several of us have trips planned for Aug. and Sept.

I wouldn’t book anything that is not fully refundable. And, if you can hold off booking until the Swiss gov. meets on Aug. 11th I would wait until then.

In these uncertain times, all you can do is hope for the best and plan for the worst.

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Wish you all the best. I will be in SW in late Sep to visit family. Fingers crossed.

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Good luck - we are there in September as well. Other than hotel reservations and train tickets to/from I do not anticipate any issues that can't be overcome. That being said, short of a full border closure and then I would expect refunds similar to the ones issued for 2020 cancelled travel.

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Two words - travel insurance.
It was surprisingly inexpensive for the amount of coverage offered. (We had about $6,000 in coverage for cancel anytime/any reason and it was about $350. Last year we lost out on $1,000 in airline tickets because TAP never provided an option for our cancelation/refund because we had booked so far in advance. So honestly, $350 to ensure that doesn't happen again - yes please! Also, if you don't use it you can roll it into another future trip. If it is a covered reason (like coming up positive for COVID), you get full coverage refund. If they just change, let's say the quarantine requirements, then you get 80% of the cost covered. If you are delayed in travel (like due to a positive COVID test trying to come back home) it will also cover additional expenses for hotel stay, etc. Not only this, but you're also covered for medical expenses and more.

I'm not an insurance sales person, I swear! Just got burnt last year and found a wonderful solution for it this year! I never, ever ever opt for insurance coverage. I always take the chance. But with the ways things change so suddenly and with the way things have been, I was all for it this year.

I've booked everything with confidence this year getting the stays and flights I want for our 2 week stay, knowing I won't lose out on all that money should anything happen. Just food for thought!!! (I got ours through AAA, just FYI) However, DO NOT book anything until after you purchase the insurance. I found out the hard way that you MUST purchase the insurance before making a payment on ANYTHING or that specific purchase won't be covered.

Good luck! Hope we can all make it there this year!!!