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Travel to Switzerland in Sep

Hi I am travelling with big group of family (11 adults and 1 toddler (less than 2yrs old) to Switzerland in mid-september. below is our planned itinerary, welcome for your feedback and advice :). We will be driving (3 cars) mainly for whole trip and taking train/grandola for car-free areas.

Day 1 -3: Arrive Zurich airport in the morning, head straight to the Lucern and spend 3 nights. one day for Lucern town, one day for Pilatus and one day for Mt Titlis.
Day 4-6: Leave Lucern and head to Gimmerwald and spend 3 nights there. plan to visit Interlaken, one day for Lauterbrunnen - Wengen - Mamlichen - Grandmother's walk and Stechelberg
Day 7-8: leave Gimmelwald in the morning and head to Zermatt for 2 nights
Day 9-10: Leave Zermatt. Head to Vevey + Lausanne + Montreux for Chateau de Chillon. Need advice which vineyard we should visit and activities to do at Vevey/Lausanne. should we stay at Lausanne or Vevey?
Day 11: Leave Vevey/Lausanne, head to Bern. Plan to spend half day tour at Bern. wonder around Old town, Market (maybe), Roses garden for city view, Bear park (tentative - not sure if worth visiting).
Day 11-12: Leave Bern and head to Stein am Rhein and Zurich. Plan to visit Rhein fall, Stein am rhein village then Zurich city.
Day 13: Depart from Zurich airport in noon.

if you know any hidden germs that we should spend more time at and nice vegetarian eatery places, let me know :)

Thanks in advance!

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I'd skip a day trip to Interlaken, as its more of a starting point for going up the valley, where you would already be. Not much to see in Interlaken itself. If you're in Gimmelwald (note spelling), why not go further up the Schilthorn if weather cooperates? That's worth it. I would probably skip Bern too - you are bouncing around a lot.

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Hi Stan,
Thanks for your feedback, i realised i posted old itinerary which is incorrect after reading your comments (thanks a lot!). Revised as above. we are thinking to skip Interlaken as well as it is too touristy.

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Most of what you list would be easier by train than by car. If you want to do this by car you need to:
1) Check that each hotel has parking. Many don't and the only parking is some distance away and you have to pay for it.
2) Luzern centre is pedestrianised. You need to park outside (again pay).
3) No visitor cars allowed in Zermatt. You have to park at Täsch, a few Km further down the valley and take a train. See here:
4) Lausanne, Bern and Zürich. You cannot drive in these city centres. You need to find paid parking and walk or take public transport to the centre.

I agree don't bother to stop in Interlaken, go straight to Gimmelwald (or rather the car park at the bottom of the cable car up to Gimmelwald).

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Agree that it will be easier to take public transport. Three cars triple the challenge.
I'm near Vevey and Lausanne and will comment on this area. If you like a city, you may prefer Lausanne. Vevey is a smaller town 10 minutes from Montreux. Lausanne has many steep hills which can be a challenge, especially if you are elderly or disabled. Lausanne and Vevey are 15 minutes apart by train.
The vineyards here are the Unesco Lavaux Vineyards.

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If you have any interest in the Olympics there's the Olympics museum in Lausanne.

I agree with the others skip Interlaken.

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Thank you guys for the candid feedback!! I will forgo Interlaken for sure. The reason why we choose the drive is mainly we have elderly and kid with pram, also bringing our own grocery for the trip..

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With that many people (!!), it might make more sense to hire a local company to provide transport and at least one guide. A minibus would hold all of you and a driver/guide would take the stress off you.

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Hi Chris,
Thanks for your comment. I need clarification in regards to the 4th point:

4) Lausanne, Bern and Zürich. You cannot drive in these city centres. You need to find paid parking and walk or take public transport to the centre.

can you please clarify which part of Lausanne cannot drive? Thanks

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Lausanne pedestrian zone:
If you look at this map: the restricted roads are shown in grey.
I did a google search for "zone piétonne lausanne" (google searches in the local language always work better) and came up with this on the official city website:
And this map of access routes and times for deliveries, which sort of shows where it is: