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Travel Passes Continuous vs Flex

I am about to purchase travel passes for our family Swiss vacation in May. Looking at the Continuous and the Flex and trying to decide. Please weigh in. It seems to me that with the flex pass, if someone in your group messes up and rides a short train or bus ride on any day, you burn one of your travel days for an inexpensive trip. Also, am I correct that the museum passes do not apply unless its a travel day? Where the continuous works, if you buy enough days, for everything? We want to move around between attractions every day, which I'm sure will require some form of transportation for the 6-7 day trip within Switzerland.
Opinions? Do I have it right? Thanks in advance!

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Truthfully, I cannot follow your question? Are you asking about rail/train passes? Or city transportation passes? or museum passes? Since this is posted in the Switzerland section I assume it is about Switzerland. Recently train passes have become more of a convenience factor than a cost saving factor. They are not an automatic, no-brainer, good deal that they once were. You need to do some homework comparing single fares to the over all cost of the train pass -- if that is what you are asking about.

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The question is about "Flex" (e.g. "6 days in a month") vs continuously-valid Swiss Travel Pass.

A 6-day pass is not much more expensive than a "4-days in a month" pass, the difference is about 10% (Fr. 36), or the price of a main course in a nice restaurant.
Since passes are made for convenience anyway, I would opt for the continuous version.
Otherwise, if I'd rather save as much money as possible, I'd probably buy a Half-Fare Card, which works out cheaper for just about any trip that does not involve (1) unusually long/frequent day trips or (2) travel to and from the Engadine, which is relatively far from other Swiss destinations and thus expensive to get to.

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You are correct that if you use the flex pass for anything—bus, museum train, etc.—it counts are one of your days. Most here go with the regular Swiss Travel Pass. It really is a great deal as the trains are so expensive. And I love it for the convenience as you rarely have to buy tickets for anything. You do need to purchase tickets when a discount only is given with the pass. A trip to Schilthorn for example.

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Just as an example , a one way ticket from Wengen to Grindelwald shows as CHF 7.50 on the SBB site , so a return ( roundtrip ) would be CHF 15.00 . Except that the posted price assumes you have a half fare card , so the actual price will be CHF 30.00 . That is an example how fast things can add up without a pass .

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Any time you show a Pass it counts as a use day. SO if you show the Pass for a discount on the Shilthorn, for example, it counts as a use day. I agree with the above, the convenience of the consecutive day pass is worth it. Plus, once we had it, we used it for boat rides. museums, and gondolas we hadn't initially planned on, [eg Mt. Stanshope Cabrio open air cable car outside of Lucerne] which further enhanced our Swiss adventures!

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Oh wow! I didn't know there was an assumption of a half-fare card with posted prices. That makes a huge difference. Consecutive day pass it is!

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Lay out your trip and use Rick's map to decide which way will be more cost effective for you. Remember that many areas of Switzerland give you a local transportation pass when you spend enough time in their hotels, so if you have that you may not need your travel pass on those days. For the trip I am planning, when I added up all of the travel "legs" we planned to do, passes made sense and I bought them last summer when they were on sale. I decided on the Flex because it was only about $40 more per person, we were not sure of our exact travel dates when the pass sale happened, and our trip will be a big Switzerland- North Italy- Switzerland loop, so even though we have 15 full days in Switzerland, they are not consecutive.
Also, my understanding is that with the Flex, you have to activate it for each day and put it into your phone wallet, so it would be hard for one of your party to use it accidentally.