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Travel insurance that covers covid 19 quarantine

What is a good travel insurance that would cover me if I test positive for covid when trying to come back to the US? Staying in Switzerland for an additional two weeks and changing my return flight would be extremely expensive. Hopefully there are policies to cover this. If not I guess I will have to roll the dice.

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Are you concerned because you have not been fully vaccinated ? My understanding is that testing positive after vaccination, even if you have been exposed to the virus, is extremely rare.

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It’s rare if you are vaccinated, but still a possibility and thus good to have a plan just in case.

I’m traveling to Switzerland in Sept. and I’ve been having a hard time finding a policy that would cover just the quarantine costs without all the extras. As the test would be at the end of the trip, coverage for trip cancellation doesn’t seem necessary. I’m debating covering the cost of additional hotel nights and food myself if needed. I’m more worried about where would I quarantine. Is the last hotel I’m staying in going to let me extend my stay if I test positive? As my trip is not until Sept. I’m waiting a bit longer to think too much about this in the hopes that the US changes this policy. The mask policy on planes is set to expire on Sept. 13th. If that is not extended again, perhaps the policy on testing prior to returning to the US would be discontinued.

My research indicates that with a positive test in Switzerland you can shorten the quarantine time to 7 days if you have a negative test on day 7. Also, all the info. I have found seems to apply to Swiss residents, and not necessarily tourists. Perhaps a vaccinated tourist could leave quarantine earlier with a negative test. Again, I’ll start to think more about all this come mid-August in the hopes the testing policy changes. But I do think it’s a good idea to have a tentative plan in place so you’re not panicking with what to do in the rare even your return to the US test does come back positive.

I also read that in Switzerland, if your rapid test comes back positive, the next step would be to immediately take a PCR test, which is more accurate.

Also, have you checked with your airline? Most are allowing changes with either no fees or with you just paying any price differences between the original and new flight. That part might not be as expensive as you think.

I am curious if those traveling to Switzerland soon have any more info.

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Thanks for the replies. Great info.

My wife and I are fully vaccinated. From what I have heard some of the covid variants are very contagious and quite a few vaccinated people are catching them but don't get very sick. I'm sure the odds of getting covid while in Switzerland are low since we are vaccinated but I would still like to be prepared.

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Look up info under the section for Insurance. I got us a policy through USAA’s Travel Safe, it wasn’t very much, like around $100.

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cchapin: We too are USAA members, so we’ll look into their travel insurance policy.

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Points Guy has had several articles recently about travel insurance. It's hard. And yes, we're all rolling dice if we are travelling this year, anywhere.