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Travel in Switzerland summer 2021

Will Switzerland be open to guests from the US next summer? We will have been vaccinated well in advance of our planned August hike.

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It’s far too early to say what’s going to happen anywhere in Europe. Remember vaccination doesn’t give 100% protection and you can still transmit the disease. Much of Europe won’t have been vaccinated by August.

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What Nigel and Jennifer said. No way of knowing as of now.

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"the only one who can tell you with 100% certainty is Switzerland"

No, the only one is ... no one. Unless you want to call up the spirit of Madame Marie from the boardwalk in Asbury Park.

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phred, big Bruce fan here. Well done, sir.

The situation will be vastly better in six months, but go ahead and book as long as you can get a voucher for future travel, a refund, and/or travel insurance.

I booked a trip but I can push it to 2022, but I feel good about the second half of 2021 if you have the vaccine.

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Phred is right. No one knows now, not even Swiss authorities, because no one can predict the evolution of the pandemic to know what will be possible this summer.

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We are making all of our travel arrangements for the first 3 weeks of September, making sure that 100% of our bookings can be cancelled. Fingers crossed we will all be able to travel, but be flexible just in case.

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Remember vaccination doesn’t give 100% protection and you can still transmit the disease.

What I have seen/heard in the news is the question of 'transmission' is still an unknown, as to date the focus has been on safety and efficacy. The question of 'can a vaccinated person be a transmitter', is in the "TBD" category, and is now the subject of further research.

If I have missed a definitive pronouncement from a competent medical authority, I am happy to be informed/corrected on that point

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As the others have said, no one knows for sure as there are still too many variables, including the vaccination rate in different countries. I heard a report today that both France and Italy are having trouble getting enough vaccine, and it's possible that Switzerland is having the same problem.

I suspect it's unlikely that travel in Switzerland this summer will be possible as it's going to take awhile to get the majority of people vaccinated and for the situation stabilized. I probably won't be able to get both my jabs until May or June, so won't be booking any trips before then. The issue of transmission of the virus may not be as much of a problem once a sufficient number of people are vaccinated, as a vaccinated person should be reasonably safe from contracting the virus.

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I respectfully disagree. The last rumor I heard was full opening on August 31st at 25 o’clock western standard time.

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Hi there,

I had read switzerland is open for tourism from those coming from safe countries, which means that those who are not on their red list.

I'm from United Arab Emirates, and I used to be on the red list in April, but I'm off of it is it safe to plan my travel? ( I am fully vaccinated)

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71's link doesn't go where it says it goes, be vary careful of clicking through...

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