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Travel from Lauterbrunnen to Paris

I am traveling from Lauterbrunnen to Paris (via train) in August.
If Ifollow the scheduled outlined below, there is 5 min. transfer in Interlaken and 6 minutes transfer in Basel. Having never been to either the Interlaken or Basel train station, will I have enough to time to make my next train?
Lauterbrunnen 8:24AM
Interlaken OST
TRANSFER: 6 mins
Interlaken OST
TRANSFER: 5 mins
Basel 1:37PM
Paris Gare Lyon
Thank you so much for your help.

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Yes. you will have to move quickly in Interlaken, as you will change from track 2 to track 5, which means going down the steps, walking 30 feet and up another flight of stairs. Swiss have been doing this for a long time and it seems to work. Many people will be making the same change, just be up out of your seat and in the aisle when the train pulls into the station. The doors will open the instant the train stops and people will start getting off.
In Basel, its a bit easier. The Paris train will have arrived 2 minutes before you and will be waiting directly across the platform. So you just get off the train and walk across the platform and onto the next train. So 5 minutes is plenty of time to do a cross platform change. You'll have time to glance up at the diagram showing where your car is located, If time gets tight, just board any car and walk through the train until you find your car and assigned seat.

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I also provided a reply in your duplicate Thread on this topic.

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I have confidence in the Swiss trains to run on time and the connections to be pretty straightforward. But when connecting to a TGV with a nonrefundable, nontransferable ticket, I think you should choose a later TGV departure. (If you were traveling the opposite direction, then the unreserved connections would be at the end of the trip and nothing to worry about.)