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Transit through Iceland to Zurich from US

Hi! My flights to Switzerland are with Iceland Air. Will I go through immigration to enter EU in Reykjavik? Is a 50-min connecting time in Reykjavik good enough? Does a vaccinated tourist need to have a negative covid test to connect flights in Reykjavik? Thanks!

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I can only answer the part of your question about the connection time. The Airport is well organized and they have their systems and procedures down. My guess is that if any airport could handle this connection, this one can.

I would certainly take the time to read the Iceland Air website which should tell you what expectations there are for connecting/transiting passengers.

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Neither Iceland or Switzerland are in the EU. They are Schengen members, however. They will check your passport in Iceland. I've been thru that airport at least 3 times with short connections. It's never been a problem. I also have the impression that they hold the connecting flight until people are thru passport control.

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You will need a negative test to fly through Iceland:

*I would get a rapid test, or a PCR and then also a rapid. I was originally on the Icelandair flight that departs at 8:20 tonight and I still don't have test results back from Sunday morning. Yikes! Luckily I bit the bullet last night and switched to the direct Swiss flight to avoid this extra stress. (also wasn't feeling that short risky)

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I'll making this exact connection time this evening (hopefully). I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Also, as others have stated - yes, a vaccinated American is still required to have a negative test result.

Also, you must complete the pre-entry forms and the declaration of exemption due to transit form (to avoid testing upon arrival as well) for Iceland. Both are found on their website, but I can grab the links if you need them!

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As for connection time - no issue whatsoever. Through a long passport line and ready at the gate well before boarding. We could even grab a snack at the bakery if we wanted. We have over half an hour before we even begin boarding still. I think their efficiency is why they book those 50 min layovers.

So far we have only been asked for any documentation at our check-in for the first flight. They did ask to see the barcode for our pre-registration form for Iceland, but so far no one has actually scanned it.

Easy airport and relaxed passport control. Just asked for our passports and how long we'd be in Europe.

Piece of cake! No need to run across the airport in a rush - you've got plenty of time for a connection to Zurich! (So long as your plane is on time for arrival)