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Train travel from Basel, Switzerland to Domodossola, Italy

Has anyone traveled this route by train. I'm trying to leave Switzerland, on a Sunday, and arrive to Domodossola, Italy. I have just discovered that there are 'preferred train' routes, all going through Milan. Isn't there a simpler way to do this? Please enlighten me! I'm having a terrible time with train schedules and routing.

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Domodossola is the first stop in Italy on the way from Basel to Milan. The train might be going to Milan, but you just get off at Domodossola.

Go to to see the schedules.

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Linda if you are looking at RailEurope or sites other than Swiss Rail (sbb) you're probably not going to see all the trains you need to see.

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Even if Domodossola is well into Italy, it is considered the border station - north of Domodossola services are run by Swiss companies (BLS and SBB), south of Domodossola by Italian railways. So this should be considered as an internal Swiss railway trip.

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Thanks to the two responders. I realize that this routing may be difficult as it probably involves many tunnels, thus missing Alpine scenery. But I don't think I can take a 10 hour train trip if using the Bernia Route. I'm simply trying to get into the Italian side of the Alps by the quickest route, and not many train changes. Earlier research gave me a timetable for direct routing from Basel SBB to Domodossola Stazione, without changing trains, using IC or EC. I'm just 'stumped' why I can't book that now. I just receive a message of 'not available.' Help! Could you please suggest an alternative routing, on a Sunday, that may work? Many thanks!

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Where are you getting schedule information, where are you trying to book tickets and what date are you travelling? That's a very easy route, which will take 2H:41M if you can connect with one of the direct trains. There are numerous departures on that route every day, so you could also very easily just buy your ticket when you arrive at Basel.

Since that train originates in Switzerland, use the website for booking.

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The Sunday schedule shows IC or EC trains leaving Basel for Domodossola every 2 hours,mat 31 minutes after, so 8:31, 10:31, 12:31, etc. Some are direct and some have one change in Brig, but all take 2 hours 46 minutes.

See if this will come through:

Maybe you are just looking too far ahead? When is this trip? If you provide the time frame people can help you better.

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First, if you want more mountain scenery on this route, specify via Kandersteg on the sbb travel planner. That will take you on the Loetschberg Express which uses the old Loetschberg Tunnel rather than the new Loetschberg Base Tunnel which goes completely under the Berner Oberland mountain range. This will require two train changes at Bern and Brig, and will add one hour to the journey time, 3 hr 45 min vs 2 hr 45 min on the direct train.
Second, Swiss trains can only be bought on-line within 30 days of your travel date. Reservations for this route are not required and generally only available for the EC trains. The full fare is 90 chf. You can buy Supersaver tickets within 30 days to get up to 50% off. These are train specific. If you miss the train, the ticket becomes worthless. Here is the Supersaver route planner:

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Linda, you don't need to book this. Basel to Domodossola is a Swiss domestic train, booking is not necessary, not normally done and there is no discount for advance purchase of tickets. Just turn up at Basel station and buy a ticket from the ticket machine or the manned ticket counter.
Price CHF 90 second class full fare, CHF 45 with a half price pass.
Trains depart every 2 hours: 06:31, 08:31, 10:31, 12:31, 14:31, 16:31, 17:31,
I have no idea what you mean by "'preferred train' routes".