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Train tickets/rail passes and itinerary for 10 Days in Luzern, Gimmelwald, Salzburg and Munich

This is similar, but not the same as another post that I made weeks back. I decided to ask this since I have a bit more info on my planned itinerary.

Regarding train tickets on our 10 day trip to Luzern, Gimmelwald, Salzburg and Munich.

I need to figure out whether to get a Swiss Travel flex day pass, Euro-rail pass, individual train tickets or combination of these. I have also looked on the Oebb and found pretty cheap individual tickets.

What do you suggest? Also, does it seem like I am not giving enough "down" time in the below itinerary.

Arrive Zurich at 8:30 am on a Tuesday. We will take the train to Luzern. We will stay in Luzern for 2 nights. We want to walk around the town and lake, visit museums, take boat tours, and rent bikes while there. After we check out from Luzern on Thursday morning, we plan to take a train/lifts to Gimmelwald and will stay in Gimmelwald for 3 nights. We want to visit Shilthorn, Jungfrauloch, hike, visit waterfalls, maybe para glide or hang glide. Once we check out of Gimmelwald, we will take a train to Salzburg on Sunday. We will stay in Salzburg (slightly outside of town) for 2 nights. We want to tour the city, visit Mozart sites, visit the village of Hallstatt, perhaps the Sound of Music tour and see at least one concert. We plan to take a late afternoon train to Munich on Tuesday. We will stay in Munich for 3 nights. We want to visit the Dacuah Concentration Camp and the Neuschwanstein or the Residenze Castle. We will of course go to the Hofbrauhaus while there.
We will fly out of Munich on Friday.

What do you all think?

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It is a very rushed trip, but I think you can do what you want except with Salzburg. Are you aware the train trip from Gimmelwald to Salzburg is 8.5 to 10 hour depending on which train you take? You will not have time in Salzburg, with only one full day, to see and do everything on your list. It is a lengthy travel time to only have one day or maybe 1.5 days at most. I would drop all plans for Salzburg, add one night to Gimmelwald and one to Luzern.

It is hard to figure passes but my gut is that a Swiss Half Fare Card would do you well and a Swiss Pass or Berner Oberland Regional Pass might make sense. You have to do the math for yourself based on every train and lift you plan to take. The Swiss Pass is very convenient but might not save you money. The BO Regional Pass is a great deal if you plan to hike a lot and you will use the lifts between Gimmelwald and the valley as well as to Muerren on a daily basis.

No to the EuroRail Pass.