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train service, etc from lyon france into Geneva

We plan to take a train from lyon into Geneva. Trying to ascertain which train station to get off at. We are staying at the Hilton at the airport, 1218 LeGrand Saconnex. I have read 2 different posts. One states I'll be in the correct train terminal for the airport; another said I wouldn't be and would need to take a bus or another train into the correct train terminal. Can anyone answer this question with accurate information please? Many thanks

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As authoritative as you can get, SBB, the Swiss National Railway

Just use the site and put in your date and time of travel, "From" of Lyon Part Dieu, "To" Geneve Aeroport.
You will see there is one change at Geneve (Main Station), arriving on Track 7 or 8, and changing to a train to the airport on Track 4.
I don't know who is telling you otherwise, but they obviously know not whereof they speak.

PS. I did this exact same journey in 2012.

End of the day you really don't have to worry about it. When you buy the ticket at Lyon Part Dieu, it will have the connection printed on it. The French TER train terminates at Geneva Main Station. Everyone will get off the train and that is a strong hint that you should to get off as well. The connecting train to the airport goes every 12 minutes on average (5 trains per hour) and takes 7 minutes to get to the airport. Do you really want to take a cross-town bus through the city that takes 30 minutes making lord knows how many stops?

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Sam and others gave you the correct answer in your post last week - , the same as today.

There is a Youtube video of the train trip (the entire trip filmed from the front of the train) from Lyon to Geneva. It may give you an idea about the trip and the stations....

I'd have to hunt for one from Geneva main station to the airport station, I know there is one, but much of it is tunnels.

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Since we're on this subject, does anyone know if I will need seat reservations on the TER train from Lyon to Geneva? We'll have our Eurorail, but trying to figure out the reservation part.


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There are no seat reservations on TER trains. Board the train early if it is the point of origin for the train (as Lyon is for this train) and get your pick of seats. Since you are on a Eurail pass, no worries.