Train Milano Centrale to Stuttgart Hbf

Which train route noted below would be best for seeing the countryside between Milano and Stuttgart.?

1) the EC52 from Milano to Basel and ICE274 to Karlsruhe then the IC 2267 to Stuttgart or

2) the EC316 Milano to Zurich and ICE 1172 to Karlsruhe then IRE 4915 to Stuttgart. My wife and I will each have one piece of luggage (slightly larger than carry-on) and a backpack. Changing trains is a necessity, but is one of the two routes more convenient for luggage transfer than t5he other? Thanks for any comments.

Posted by Lola
Seattle, WA
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I would take the Zurich train via the Gotthard Pass. The EC52 goes via brig and Visp, passing through two very long tunnels under the Alps. The Gotthard route also has tunnels, but they are much shorter ( and include a spiral to gain elevation). In between them you do see the peaks and glaciers unless it is foggy.

Posted by Sam
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Zurich is also a terminal type station, so there are no up/down cross platform changes. Basel has a cross platform walkway, but they do have escalators and elevators. Zurich gets the vote on the scenic end. And you should be able to get the IC 182 from Zurich to Stuttgart and eliminate the end around to Karlsruhe with the extra change.

Posted by Jon
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Lola and Sam: Thanks; you provided the exact information I was seeking.

Posted by Jon
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Sam: I re-checked DB Bahn and can't find the IC 182 Zurich to Stuttgart you noted. When I re-checked I can't find any direct train from Zurich to Stuttgart departing after 16:28 on September 27.