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Train from Zurich to Como, Italy

Has anyone taken this train route recently? Is the scenery worth the hassle & the extra time? Or should we continue our flight from Zurich into Milan & then just take the train up to Como? *We would be traveling in Sept.

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Flying will take a lot longer. Zurich to Como San Giovanni is 3 hours and 24 minutes on a direct EC train, and 4 hours at most if you use connecting services. Flying will take at least 6 when you figure in the time traveling to the airport, waiting at the airport to check in, go through security, boarding, traveling from the airport. So aside from the scenery, which is wonderful, there are other reasons. Cost is another. The train is only 79 chf full fare, and you can get it as low as 28 chf with an advance purchase nonrefundable ticket if you book far enough in advance.

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Thanks for the quick response. *Just realized I spelled Zurich wrong in my question. We actually just checked prices and it was more expensive to stop in Zurich than to go on to Milan. Weird. Yes, we have checked the train connections from Milan up to Como and it is not easy & a bit confusing. All points to consider.

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Wasn't sure of your circumstances. I see from your earlier post you are heading to Bellagio. Yes, flights into Milan are a very good deal these days. I think your previous answer of train to Saronno and change to train to Como Nord Lago then ferry to Bellagio is the easiest. Since they go pretty much every half hour from the airport and the price is fixed, you can get it as soon as you clear customs.

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vatripx4, The actual spelling in German is Zürich, but most websites (including SBB, Swiss Railways) accept Zürich, Zuerich or Zurich.

You don't say how you will be arriving in Zürich. If you are flying in, there is a station at Zürich airport called "Zürich Flughafen", the station in the city centre is "Zürich HB". You need to put in whichever one is appropriate when you look up trains to Como.
There is also more than one station in Como. The one on the line from Switzerland is called "Como S. Giovanni".

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I travelled from Zürich airport to Milan a few weeks ago, and it's a very easy trip. There's a ticket office at the airport so you can buy the tickets when you arrive.

Another route you can use to reach Bellagio would be to.....

  • Train from Zürich to Milano Centrale
  • Take Regionale train from there to Varenna-Esino (about an hour)
  • Walk down the hill to the boat dock and take the small Ferry across to Bellagio (about 20 minutes)
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It sounds like you're considering the Bernina Express route, which runs further east and takes a few train connections. The scenery is lovely if you have a day to devote to it. Train schedules for the local line that runs along the east side of Lake Como from Tirano to Varenna to Milan are at or, but not some other schedule sites. For Zurich-Tirano and other routes, you can follow How to Look Up Train Schedules Online to the the DB train schedule link.