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Train from Lausanne to Milan

What is the best train route from Lausanne to Milan? What Swiss town is closest to Milan? Was thinking about going to Lugano but it seems to pass through Luzern and repeats the Golden Pass route which we will have already taken. Or should we go via Brig and Andermatt?

Or from Lausanne should we go to Brig then buy ticket to Milan from there?
We will have a Swiss flexi pass and half fare card combo. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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the "best" train route is the quickest one, IMO. I'd use a departure at 08:18, arriving Milano Centrale at 11:37 (time 3H:19M, direct). Many of the other solutions are longer with more changes. All the details are on the or websites. You should be able to buy your ticket in Lausanne for the entire route. I usually like to get where I'm going in the shortest time possible with the fewest changes, so that's the route I'd choose.

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"What is the best train route from Lausanne to Milan?" - the best route is usually the quickest route. Just go to and do a search from Lausanne to Milan, and it will find you the quickest trains.

"What Swiss town is closest to Milan?" - Chiasso, but what has that got to do with anything?
What I think you need to know is the name of the last SBB (Swiss Railways) station your train from Brig to Lausanne stops at. When you look up train times on it will show all the stops, then compare it with the validity map for your pass. Click here for validity map.

If you have a Swiss pass of any description that is valid up the last SBB station, which is Domodossola if you are travelling via Brig. You then need to buy ( on ) a ticket from there to Milan.