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I would like to know if I do need to buy a rail pass in advance. Or can I purchase tickets when we arrive in Switzerland. Also is cheaper to buy a ticket from city to city. We are traveling from Frankfurt to Zürich. Than from Zurich staying Zürich a couple of days. Than from Zurich to Lugano staying a couple of days from Lugano to Zermatt staying a day Zermatt. Than from Zermatt to Lausanne staying a day in Lausanne from to Bern staying a day in Bern. Than back to Zurich to catch the train back to Frankfurt.
Also all the cities that I listed are their hotels near the train station within walking distance. Thanks

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Yes, of course you can buy tickets from any station to any other station. That is the normal way, passes are a special thing they market for tourists.
You can look up train times and prices for trains in Switzerland) on the SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) website here:
You can simply turn up at the station, and buy a ticket to wherever you want to go either at the ticket machine, or from the manned ticket counter. Such tickets are valid on any train on that day.
All rail routes in Switzerland have at least one train per hour, often more.

German tickets work differently for Frankfurt to Zürich you can look up times and buy tickets on the DB (German Railways) website:
You can buy tickets on the day, but German tickets are cheaper if bought in advance from the website, in which case you get a "print-at-home" ticket.

There is more than one Frankfurt in Germany, I guess you mean Frankfurt am Main, but are you starting from the airport, the city centre, or some other station in Frankfurt am Main? You need to specify the correct station.

Stations are usually on he edge of the city centre, and are transport hubs, it is usual to have many hotels within walking distance.