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To Zurich and Beyond

Humor me. Ok. Will be in Zurich for 5 days with family. Fill me in-- one wants to go to the FIFA interactive museum and others do not care. Give me ideas-- boat tour-- specific company and such? Perhaps day trip ideas. WHere to go? Do I need to buy a swiss rail pass for kids-- 12 and under?
Can you use the rail pass on the trolley and such in Zurich--local travel too?
Restaurants in Zurich to go to or avoid?
Want to take the kids to an easy area/mtn hike.
Thank YOu!!!
I looked in past posts. They are older.

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  • I would take a day trip to Luzern. Only 1 hour from Zürich HB station.
  • If you want to go up a mountain, I suggest Titlis (website: ). This is about 2 hours from Zürich via Luzern. There is a permanent glacier at the top you can visit.

If you are only travelling in and around Zürich, do not buy a Swiss Pass. It would be total overkill. There is a local pass called a Zürich Pass. Details here:
But check if your hotel gives you a free pass. In many cities in Switzerland if you stay in a hotel you get a free pass valid for the city only for the duration of your stay. Not sure if this applies to Zürich as well.

Passes (Swiss pass and local passes) are for all public transport, rail, tram, bus and boat within whatever is their validity area.

Humour me - Why are you in Zürich for 5 days with your family? It is not the mountains and it is not the prettiest town in Switzerland. Lots of better places to go for 5 days.

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Work brings us here. Work. It would not be my first choice nor is it my first time but it has been many many years. Great suggestions thanks.

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Day trip to konstanz in Germany is only one hour way - cheapest way take flixbus you can buy online behind BAhnhof in parking lot near Starbucks which is much cheaper then train. Good for shopping eat etc.
A restaurant very popular is Zeughauskeller in paradeplatz- typical Swiss food including schnitzel bratwurst . Shared tables mostly and relatively affordable for Zürich
Also migros city you can eat on top floor self service and salad bar average prices.
For vegetarians Mecca is Hiltl !! Self service you weigh the plates. Great variety

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I haven't been to Manora in Zurich, but they're my favorite places to eat in other Swiss cities. Manora is a restaurant on the top floor of Manor department stores. They are like a high end cafeteria; the food is not sitting out on steam tables, but is prepared fresh for you. For instance, if you get fish, they take a piece of raw fish off the ice and cook it for you. When you get a main dish, you can add beilage (all the starches and veggies you can fit on the plate) for about 3 CHF extra. Manora is about half the cost of a regular restaurant, and delicious. The only problems are, they'r always mobbed (locals know they're the best deal in town), and they're only open department store hours.

Looking at their website, it seems the Zurich Manora is open Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 20:00. But beware; they probably stop serving at 19:00 (7 PM), as I learned the hard way at the Basel branch. As you see from the map, they're right downtown: