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Tight connection Geneva to Barcelona on Easy Jet

We have 1 hour 50 minutes on a Sunday afternoon in October between our arrival on Easy Jet into Geneva airport and departure also on Easy Jet to Barcelona; we are worried that we may not have enough time to go through customs/immigration or security. Has anyone flown out of Geneva recently who can give us an idea about how smoothly and quickly one can get through the Easy Jet terminal in Geneva? Many thanks!

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From where are you starting? Another Schengen-zone country (no passport checks, covers most of Europe) or from Great Britain or Ireland (outside the Schengen zone)?

With only one carry-on per person or with checked luggage?

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This will be tight. EasyJet (along with most cut-price airlines) does not do connections. This is treated as two separate flights. If the first flight is late, there is no guarantee on the second flight, if you miss it, hard luck.

After you land you will not go through immigration (passports) because you are arriving from a Schengen country, but you will go though customs, but this is nominal, just walk through the green channel past the customs officers.

  • Make sure you have done on-line check in, and printed out your boarding cards for both flights before you arrive at the airport. EasyJet allows you to do online check in as soon as you have bought the tickets.
  • You may have to exit through arrivals and double back into departures.
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I should have stated that we are traveling with US passports, so even if we're arriving from Corsica, we will have to go through immigration won't we? Thanks so much for your reply.

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Jean, No, you will not go through passport control (immigration) on either flight.
France, Switzerland, Spain and a lot of other countries are all part of the Schengen Area. This is a "common passport area". There are no passport checks crossing any borders within the Schengen Area, whether by land, sea or air. Passports are checked once when you first enter the Schengen Area, and again when you leave the Schengen Area.

As a US passport holder your passport will be stamped when you first enter the Schengen Area, and you will be allowed 90 days in 180 to stay as a tourist in the area. Schengen Area/EU citizens can go in and out and stay for as long as they like, and do not have their passports stamped.

Logically, how can there be passport checks for US citizens and not for others? How can they know whose passport needs checking, without checking the passport?

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Geneva is my home airport and one of the easiest I find to travel through. Unless your flight has a delayed arrival, you should have enough time to make the connection.

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The only difficulty I can see is if your first flight is late departing, which can happen due to ATC issues. As I recall, my easyJet flight from London to Geneva last September was held up on the taxiway for about 15-20 minutes until there was a slot open. On that occasion, I did have to go through Passport control in Geneva, as the rules are different for travel from the U.K.