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Tickets/Classes for Boats on Lake Geneva, Switzerland

My husband and I will be at a conference in Switzerland next month (Sept). We plan to take a cgn boat from Lausanne to Chillon. We want to tour the Chateau du Chillon, and we love boat rides, so it seems a great fit. I am unsure if I need to buy tickets online in advance or if I can get them the day of the ride at the boat dock (or even buy online once I am in Switzerland and know the forecast). In case of super bad weather, I would rather not buy ahead (could take the train instead); but since it is September, there is only 1 boat time that would work and I don't want it to be sold out (on a Friday). Does anyone know if these boats typically sell out or if we can wait to buy tickets?

If I do buy tickets in advance, can I buy second class and then upgrade to first class on board if the weather is great? I don't mind spending the money for first class to get access to the top deck and have a great view, but again, if the weather is not terrific, I don't need first class (not planning to eat in the restaurant in first class). Thanks in advance!

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I'm sorry I can't tell you if the boats will fill up, but what I can tell you is that you can only upgrade, if there is still space. And I'm guessing that you will not be the only person with this strategy!

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As a matter of policy, Switzerland tries to make it pretty easy to take most public transportation without reservations. Although Rick indicates a limited number of chairs on the 1st-class view deck, I would not expect the whole boat to fill up.