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TICINO itinerary

we are visiting Ticino area of switzerland for two nights stay. our hotel isVia Cantonale
Vogorno, 6632, Switzerland. we want to cover important destinations like Bellinzona, Lugano, Locarno and centovalli railway.
we would have a car. we would like to shoot good landscapes. we would also like to visit vineyards and would like to walk in picturesque locations. beside would visit lakes and centivalli railway. what suggestions can you all give for planning an itinerary?

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Doing the centovalli takes some time - Locarno to Domodossola is about two hours (and other two hours return). If you stay two nights and you already have four places to see, it does not look to me you have time for other things to do.

Generally speaking: Locarno and Lugano have similar ambience. Bellinzona is IMHO somewhat overrated. I do not know about vineyards in Ticino - or, actually: I know a couple of producers but they are not open to tourists - in Ticino they mainly produce red Merlot wine that I find uninteresting.

I have spent a lot of holiday time in the little known Blenio valley, probably one of the most isolated place in all Switzerland. In summer, easy hikes in high alpine meadows are possible before getting to the Lukmanier pass, at Ghirone and Campo Blenio. The descent to Disentis, Graubunden, is very nice, and Disentis has a beautiful baroque abbey and some local restaurants. - A round tour of three passes, Lukmanier, Oberalp and Gotthard is possible when they are open, a few narrow places to drive but immense landscapes. Driving down from Gotthard pass looks on a clear day like you are landing a plane on the airstrip at the bottom of the valley. - But this is just for general info, as I do not see a way to put any of these places in your schedules.

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I agree with the previous reply from asps. I don't think you're going to have time to do everything with only two nights in the area, especially if you're stopping frequently for photography (I know how that works as I'm also a photographer).

If you want to see the sights in Locarno and Lugano, those could take a day each. I doubt that you'll have time for Bellinzona.

In Locarno there are some nice photo op's along the waterfront, where all the boats are moored. You could also go slightly above the city to see the Madonna del Sasso Franciscan Monastery, or go further uphill via the Cable Car to Cardada and Cimetta which provides fantastic views of the city and lake.

In Lugano again there are some good photo viewpoints along the lake and towards Paradiso. You could also take the lifts up to Mt. San Salvatore or Mt. Bré for great views. As I recall, there's an old Church on the top of San Salvatore, and if you climb to the roof there are some great views.

I'm not entirely clear on your questions regarding the Centovalli Railway. Are you planning to park your car at the station and then make the trip on the Centovalli to Domodossola and return?